County’s road superintendent, crew praised

By Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

Quay County Road Superintendent Larry Moore and the Quay County Road Department received special recognition from Public Regulations Commission District Commissioner Patrick Lyons for their work during the winter storm Goliath.

Nearly one month after Goliath dumped 8 inches of snow in Quay County — resulting in closures of Interstate 40 and several state highways — recognized Moore and the road department at the New Mexico Association of Counties Conference on Jan. 21 in Santa Fe.

Lyons said Moore and the road department deserve commendation for their dedication and outstanding job performance to ensure the public safety of the residents of Quay County and traveling public during the snow storm.

Not only did they clear county roads, Lyons said, the New Mexico Department of Transportation had also offered thanks and recognition to Moore for helping clear state highways in the southern portion of the county. He said he has personally witnessed four blades and a front-end loader working long hours for many days, including weekends and holidays clearing roads.

Moore said that the county’s road crews have been able to clear most of the roads now that the snow has melted. He said that all the blades are back in their districts and the county has been working on equipment following the extensive use during Goliath.

Moore said that blades and the snow plow have required oil changes from the high numbers of hours they operated during and after the storm. He said three county road trucks needed their clutches repaired and one had to have a realignment and new tires.

County Emergency Manager Curtis Simpson said that the current estimate for equipment use and overtime by the county during Goliath is at $83,000. That total could increase as the county continues to examine the cost from Goliath, Simpson added.

Simpson said the number of volunteer hours logged by county employees, District 1 Fire Department, the First Baptist Church and the public who assisted at the shelters at the Tucumcari Convention Center and First Baptist Church totals 195.5 hours.

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