Letter to the Editor

A not so fiscal plan

The Republicans are always stressing the importance of being fiscally responsible and accuse Democrats as being irresponsibly “tax and spend.”

A little casual investigation reveals the reality is Republicans are “tax cut and spend.”

Guess which process results in a larger deficit?

The claim they use to justify tax cuts, primarily for the rich, is that it will create economic growth and pay for itself. They have been claiming this for years and it never has.

Trickle down does not work. The only boats it floats are yachts.

Republicans have increased the deficit since 1981; Reagan nearly tripled the deficit.

All “fiscally responsible” Republican presidential candidates’ economic plans calls for tax cuts for the rich and most include huge military expenditure increases. Our military expenditures now exceed those of all economically advanced countries combined.

Here is how some of the candidates’ proposals would affect the deficit:

Rubio’s various plans over 10 years would increase the deficit about $3 trillion to $ 4 trillion.

Jeb Bush would hike the deficit $3.7 trillion. Donald Trump — hold your breath — will bring a $12 trillion deficit increase.

Considering the evaluation by qualified, independent economists of the plans, how do they think they can sell it to the public?

Simply by doing what they have always done, promoting their message through conservative media parrots. They will belittle the naysayers, lie about or ignore facts and keep repeating.

Leon Logan


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