Trigg’s new administrator talks shop


Staff Report

Dan C. Trigg Memorial’s new administrator, Donald Weidemann, may have experience that spans the globe but his priority is providing the best local health care services to the residents of Quay County and those passing through.

Weidemann started his first day at Trigg during the Goliath snow storm. Since then he has weathered nature and questions from the Quay County Commission.

Weidemann wanted to share some information about himself with the residents he will be serving as Trigg’s administrator.

Before he started his career in hospital administration, Weidemann was dealing with a different kind of patience.

“I started out as a teacher, but something inside me wanted to help people more than I was,” Weidemann said.

Weidemann said his desire to help landed him back in school where he obtained his masters degree in public health finance and administration from the School of Public Health at John Hopkins University in 1998.

Weidemann said his work as an administrator would later take him overseas, where he managed a health care network in Guam and the Philippines from 1998 to 2009.

Weidemann said he returned to the United States when his children were ready to enroll in college. He said he would come eventually to live in Clayton, where he served as administrator for the past four years at the Union County General Hospital before coming to Trigg.

“I am familiar with the needs of the patients and workings of a rural hospital in North Eastern New Mexico,” Weidmann said.

Weidemann said his priority as Trigg’s administrator is to ensure the highest quality care for the residents of Tucumcari and Quay County in a compassionate and friendly environment. He said its the pride the hospital’s physicians, nurses and staff takes in their job that drew him to Trigg.

“At Trigg it’s not just about the services we provide, it’s how we provide those services,” Weidemann said. “We pride ourselves on providing a caring and compassionate atmosphere while ensuring safe and quality care.”

Weidemann said he has become more familiar with the staff at Trigg through the employee forums. He said there is a feeling of family and friends  among the staff and those they serve. Everyone takes extra responsibility to ensure the quality of care is excellent. This is a hospital the community can take pride in the services it offers and in those offering the services.

Weidemann said with the traffic on Interstate 40 and U.S. Highway 54, there is a large number of people who pass through Quay County who depend on services at Trigg. He said those services needed by those traveling consist primarily of emergency room visits. This includes medical transfers to a larger facility by air, which Trigg offers through a helicopter stationed at the hospital, Weidemann said.

Weidemann said he will use his 25 years of administration experience to keep up with the growing needs of the patients, improve current and acquire new resources for the treatment of the patients and continue the high level of care offered at Trigg.

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