Letter to Editor

Holding Judgment

I would like to encourage people of Tucumcari and Quay County to remember there are two sides to every story and you shouldn’t always trust one-sided articles such as the front-page article in last week’s Quay County Sun (“City pharmacist charged with felonies”).

Even though I am a transplant and did not grow up here, I claim Tucumcari as my forever home. I had always lived in huge cities before. Once I got over the shock of people waving at me as I drove down the road instead of waving their fingers in traffic, I knew I was home.

Over 35 years I have been astonished at the McClelland family. They have to be some of the most “salt of the earth” people I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know.

Bob McClelland Jr. and his wife Kathy have proven themselves to be some of the strongest supporters of our community and especially our children. Can you think of any function that you do not find the name of Bobs’ Budget Pharmacy in the list of financial supporters?

I found the McClelland’s one weekend cleaning up the ground of an abandoned building on the corner of First Street and Route 66. They mowed, picked up trash, and pulled weeds just because the property needed it. There was no financial gain on their part; they simply did it because the property needed it. There was no angle in it for them other than to make all of us look a little better to the traveling public.

Since I am limited to 300 words, I just beg all of the public to give Bob McClelland Jr. the chance to prove himself innocent before you rush to judgment. Gossip can destroy people and we are all better than that.

Donna Bugg


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