Two arrested on meth charges

Staff report

A man and woman from Oklahoma City were arrested on March 10 after a New Mexico State Police Officer discovers 13.45 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in a Pontiac passenger vehicle that was stopped on Interstate 40 near Tucumcari.

According to a press release the vehicle was driven by Ruben Fuentes Jr., 37, with his mother, Sara Velazquez Fuentes, 62, as the passenger.

During the traffic stop, the officers noticed Fuentes exhibited extreme signs of nervousness.  After issuing Fuentes a traffic citation the officer requested and received consent to search the vehicle.  During the search of the vehicle the officer located the narcotics.  Both  were arrested and charged with attempt to commit a felony, to wit: Trafficking and were booked into the Quay County Detention Center.

Fuentes Jr., remains at QCDC with a $50,000 bond, his mother  posted a $10,000 bond on Saturday and was released.

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