Letter to the Editor

It’s a residence

not a business

The recently proposed garage sale ordinance is not too broad — just the opposite. It must target those running a business out of their home and every-other-weekend garage sales.

I’ve heard suggestions that the city needs to stop being petty and worry about fixing streets and drug crimes. Well, operating a business out of your home without a license and without paying gross receipts taxes takes money away from street repair and solving crimes.

Traffic in my neighborhood increases Thursday night through Sunday, causing congestion and safety issues for children in the area.

Cars with loud pipes and “thumping” stereos disrupt peace. People block driveways with no concern for homeowners.

Pedestrians trespass through our properties to get to the garage sales and I have experienced them surveying the contents of my vehicles and even caught one in my garage. When confronted they claimed they thought I was having a sale too.

The word “undesirable” is used to describe many of the people who are attracted to sales. Don’t believe me? Check the arrest reports every week.

Other problems arise as well, such as litter and the signs the people leave all over town.

The notion that having frequent garage sales is necessary for low-income families to supplement their income is a farce. If you are accumulating so much “stuff” that you have to have more than four garage sales a year, you have a spending problem — not an income problem.

Those people should consider donating, getting a tax writeoff and helping the community.

I did not buy a home zoned for  commercial use. Why should I have to endure my property values going down because of a neighbor running an illegal business out of theirs?

Robert Roark



  1. It’s funny how this guy can cry about loud pipes when he rides his motorcycle leaving the the post office and drives down the alley between police station and post office just to make the alarms at the police station go off and rid a pedal bike in the middle of the street Making cars drive onto on coming traffic could cause a accident . And about running a business from home looks bad so is buying lots of rent houses does he pay gross receipt tax I bet he don’t

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