Primary election results confirmed by commissioners


By Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

The canvass of the June 7 primary election on Friday by the Quay County Commission confirms incumbent Sue Dowell as the winner of the Quay County commissioner District 1 race and Albert J. Mitchell as the winner of the 10th Judicial District judge race.

County Clerk Veronica Marez reviewed the election results from June 7 and Chief Deputy County Clerk Ellen White read four provisional ballots to be included in the totals.

White said their were a total of eight provisional ballots, that is normal in this type of an election. She said of the eight only four were eligible to be counted in this election.

Marez said for this primary the county saw a greater voter turnout than the past two elections, in 2012 and 2014. She said 2,000 voters cast a ballot out of the possible 4,883 eligible voters registered in the county.

In the District 1 commissioner race was an all-Democrat contest, with no Republicans running.

“I give my heartfelt thank you to the voters and the people in Quay County who have supported me during this campaign and election,” Dowell said.

“The people feel that Dowell has done a good job as commissioner and have elected her to continue doing that job,” said Robert Lopez, District 1 candidate.

“I want to thank all the people who came out and voted for me,” Lopez said.

“There are winners and there are losers, but a good person won this election,” said Daniel Garcia,  another District 1 candidate.

Garcia said he appreciates everyone who voted for him.

“Dowell has done a great job and will continue to do a great job as commissioner,” said fellow District 1 candidate Doyle Frasier.

“To all of those that came out and voted for me, I’m sorry I didn’t win,” Frasier said.

These were the only two contested races in Quay County

The second was for the 10th Judicial District judge.

Incumbent Albert J. Mitchell defeated Donald C. Schutte in the election that includes voters living in Quay, DeBaca and Harding counties.

“I want to thank all of my supporters, family and the voters of the 10th Judicial District,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he looks forward to continuing to serve as the district judge for Quay, Harding and DeBaca County.

Mitchell collected 690, Schutte collected 597 total votes.

A third contested race in Quay County is for county treasurer. However, incumbent Patsy R. Gresham (R) and challenger Andrew M. Angel (D) ran with no opposition in the primary election.

Primary election voter totals and percentage
2016: 2,000 out of 4,883 for 40 percent
2014: 1,821 out of 4,985 for 39 percent
2012: 1,870 out of 4,990 for 40 percent

Canvassed Primary Election Results


President of the United States
Bernard Sanders 445
Hillary Clinton 473

United States Representative (District 3)
Ben Ray Lujan 838

Secretary of State
Maggie Toulouse Oliver 735

State Senator (District 8)
Pete Campos 161

Public Education Commissioner (District 9)
Trish Ruiz 713

District Attorney (Tenth Judicial District)
Timothy Lee Rose 790

Justice of the Supreme Court
Michael E. Vigil 746

Justice of the Court of Appeals
Julie J. Vargas 721

Quay County Commissioner (District 1)
Daniel Garcia 92
Robert J. Lopez 394
Sue Dowell (Incumbent) 422
Doyle W. Fraiser 133

Quay County Clerk
Ellen L. White 889

Quay County Treasurer
Andrew M. Angel 806


President of the United States
Jeb Bush 34
Benjamin S. Carson 24
Ted Cruz 120
Carly Fiorina 7
John R. Kasich 32
Donald J. Trump 695

United States Representative (District 3)
Michael H. Romero 457
Michael Glenn Lucero 303

Secretary of State
Nora Espinoza 660

State Senator (District 7)
John Patrick Woods 554

State Representative (District 67)
Dennis J. Roch 779

Justice of the Supreme Court
Judith H. Nakamura 669

Justice of the Court of Appeals
Stephen G. French 660

District Judge (Tenth Judicial District)
Albert J. Mithchell (Incumbent) 473
Donald C. Schutte 454

Quay County Commissioner (District 2)
Michael W. Cherry 766

Quay County Treasurer
Patsy R. Gresham 738

Past primary election results

62 Absentee
416 Early
622 Election Day
1,100 Total of 3,030 eligible for 37 percent

20 Absentee
246 Early
504 Election Day
770 Total of 1,960 eligible for 40 percent

40 Absentee
362 Early
627 Election Day
1,029 Total of 2,938 eligible for 35 percent

29 Absentee
333 Early
430 Election Day
792 Total of 2,047 eligible for 39 percent


2,000 total voters (breakdown of parties not available at the time of publication.)

Absentee  46
Early 183

2,696 eligible Democrats

Absentee  27
Early Republicans – 146

2,187 eligible Republicans



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