Steve Hansen: Some summertime thoughts to ponder

By Steve Hansen

Former QCS Managing Editor

Some random mid-summer thoughts for the Fourth of July:

• It’s hot and the thunderstorms seem to go around us in Tucumcari as if we had posted a “no storm” sign with “double fines” below it in the stratosphere.  We had a good one a couple of weeks ago with marble-size hail, though.

• Our country turned  240 years old on Monday.  I remember writing stories and working the copy desk in Indiana for the Bicentennial. I was feeling like a veteran journalist then.   That makes me how old? Never mind.

• I’ve grilled a few steaks already this summer.  Seems a shame to use all that charcoal for a few minutes of incineration. Actually, no it doesn’t.  Not with a rib-eye.

• Weird summer project:  I have joined a group of fellow bicycle riders who meet at 5:15 a.m. almost daily to train for Tucumcari’s Wheels on Fire 100 on Sept. 24.  That’s 100 as in miles.  I actually think we’ll do it. OK,  shameless plug, but if you know any serious cyclists, have them keep that date open. Did I mention its Facebook page?

• Because network TV often is outbid for major sports these days, NBC actually ran a day of the Tour de France bicycle race on broadcast TV Sunday.  I was one of I assume not many who actually would have made the Tour my first choice.  Enhanced or not, Tour riders are incredible athletes.

• Summer is always sold as a time of leisure and fun, but for most with jobs, most of it is just hot weather with a little more daylight at the end.

• Our form of democracy is 240 years old.  It isn’t perfect. I mean, look at our choices for president this year.  It still beats living in a part of the world where fanatics can kill 125 unsuspecting innocents then boast about their incredible cowardice.

• One final thought.  I’m writing this on the Fourth, and so far it’s been relaxed and fun.  I’m waiting for darkness when we can sit out on the porch and watch the Elks Club fireworks.  I’m expecting another well-staged spectacular.  I hope everybody’s Fourth was as happy as mine.

Steve Hansen writes about our life and times from his perspective of a retired Tucumcari journalist. Contact him at:

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