Local gym closes after five years

By Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer
Snap Fitness gym is closing its doors after five years in Tucumcari.
“I have worked with corporate the past two years on a way to keep the business open but they have decided to close,” said Robert Poe, gym manager.
Poe said there were several factors considered by corporate officials in the decision to close the gym. He said after efforts to raise membership and revenue continued to fail, officials opted not to renew the lease agreement in November.
“Our last day is Nov. 30. After that the doors will be closed for good,” Poe said.
Poe said the lease of $3,500 a month was one of the largest obstacles for the business. He said after paying rent, utilities and upkeep expenses it was difficult to maintain a profit. The gym has been in operation since November 2010.
Poe said the gym has 400 members on the books but only 100-to-150 of those members are consistently active.
He said membership dues were even lowered to $19.99 a month for access to the 24-hour gym.
“It’s never good to lose a business,” said Jared Langenegger, Tucumcari city manager. “A business closing means the loss of jobs and gross receipts tax for the city.”
Langenegger said he met with Poe to discuss how the city might assist. He said the city does what it can to assist local businesses.
“Hopefully the building doesn’t stay empty for long,” Langenegger said.
Poe said he is working on a plan to open another gym in the city. He said he wants to continue to provide a place for people to workout and offer health education to the residents.
Langenegger said the city and the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. officials have spoken with Poe about several locations that might work for a gym.

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