No jail time for pharmacist

By Steve Hansen
Tucumcari pharmacist Robert McClelland is doing community service and won’t be serving jail time after pleading guilty to four felony charges.
McClelland was accused of improper handling of controlled-substance drug prescriptions for a family member.
Court records obtained last week show McClelland in August reached a pre-prosecution diversion agreement with prosecutors.
Terms of the agreement will end no later than August 2018.
PPD is a program designed for first-time, non-violent felons who are deemed to have been law-abiding citizens before they committed their crimes, and are considered unlikely to repeat their offenses, according to state documents.
McClelland said Monday he did not think the settlement was fair, but he agreed to terms to bring the case to a close.
“I’m doing it for my daughter,” he said.
McClelland said his daughter is involved in a divorce case that is still pending. Court documents show McClelland’s daughter’s estranged husband provided information that led to McClelland’s arrest.
Under terms of the PPD, McClelland admitted guilt to the four felony charges against him and agreed to fulfill terms of the agreement for 24 months. According to PPD documents, the terms include:
• 50 hours of community service,
• A tour of the Guadalupe County Correctional Facility in Santa Rosa,

• Twice-monthly check-in visits to the Tenth Judicial District Attorney’s office,

• Maintain a clean criminal record,

• Submit to findings of the State Pharmacy Board,

• Not leave Quay County without permission.
If McClelland fulfills the terms of the agreement to the satisfaction of PPD program managers, he may be released from the agreement early, records show.
Charges against McClelland include three counts of unlawfully obtaining dangerous drugs and controlled substances; a fourth charge is related to forgery of a physician’s signature, court records show.
The incidents occurred in February and March in 2015.
McClelland and his attorney, Nancy English, have said the charges stemmed from a family dispute.

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