Private e-mails open doors to hackers

Marcel Lazar Lehel is a Romanian computer hacker who uses the pseudonym, “Guccifer.”
Guccifer is responsible for any number of hacks against targeted celebrities. One of his more memorable hacks was long time Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal, who some have called a political assassin.
Guccifer is presently serving time in a federal prison.
“Guccifer 2.0” is the pseudonym of an unknown hacker who has claimed responsibility for hacking into the Democratic Party. Lest you doubt this claim, google Guccifer 2.0 and chase the link to, “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Ben Ray Lujan.” It makes for many pages of interesting reading.
While there is no evidence that either Guccifer was able to hack into the Clinton server, they did hack both Blumenthal and the Democratic National Committee. One must either conclude they got to the DNC through the Blumenthal link or they hacked into the DNC separately.
People who use email have either been the victim of a hack job or are aware of some friend who has been hacked. I routinely warn friends that they may have been hacked as a result of receiving a suspicious email. As a general rule, once a hacker gains access to someone’s email, they have the data resident on that system.
In a recent document dump the FBI informed us that President Obama also used a pseudonym, apparently to conceal his identity, for email communications with Hillary Clinton on her private email server. The White House continues to insist that Obama did not know she relied on it routinely and exclusively for official business.
Does it make sense to you that the president of the United States felt compelled to use a fake identity to communicate with his secretary of state?
Clinton’s admitted use of an unsecured Blackberry during her many trips while she was secretary of state aided and abetted the hacking on any U.S. systems she claims concern about now. Every U.S. intelligence agency questioned about this scenario has indicated they believe it is highly likely foreign state actors have access to her data.
The Obama link listed above raises further concerns about the extent of the potential hack. Using an unsecure electronic device in any foreign country, along with her Libyan fiasco and the establishment of her private server is one more indication of her appalling lack of judgment and general lack of knowledge on all things involving national security.
Trump was correct in his analysis: “Thirty years of experience, all of it bad.”


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