Quay county 4-H member state fair results

The following are results of Quay County 4-H members entries on Oct. 3-8 at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair at Roswell.


Junior Market Goat
Light Weight
5. Amber Rivera
Class 4
2. Kindle Smith
5. Amanda Kanapilly


Junior Market Hog
Crosses class 1
1. Presley Cavette
Crosses class 2
1. Kayden May
2. Presley Cavette
3. Avery Cavette
3. Brook Robertson
Duroc class 2
7. Avery Cavette


Junior Market Lambs
Light Mutton Cross
2. Grayson Bollinger
Heavy Mutton Cross
5. Garrett Bollinger
New Mexico Bred
1. Garrett Bollinger

Light Black face in the NM Bred
1. Kyle Hamilton
Class 4 Black face
5. Kyle Knight
Class 5 Black face
4. Jason Knight
Class 8 Black face
7. Bailey Smith
Class 8 Black face
3. Kindle Smith
Junior Heifers
2. Bailey McKnight

Champion Commerical
Presley Cavette


Junior Market Steers
Class 2 Steer
4. Bailey Smith


Class 3 Steer
4. Kindle Smith


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