Pioneers didn’t have our luxuries

I admire our country's 19th century pioneers for a lot of reasons. Facing down wild Indians, working hard and plowing with mules, cooking on a wood stove, communicating without Facebook and otherwise living life large. But stop some day when it's 105 degrees outside and wonder how they ever made do without air conditioning. All […]

Elida brothers will be missed

One minute two brothers are on a community mission, the next a whole community is wondering how they'll get by without them. The hurting was focused on the community of Elida recently as Ronald and Fred Anthony died in a truck accident while fetching a load of sand for a new playground at their church. […]

Three things about Sen. Bingaman

Clovis Media Inc. Editor David Stevens writes about regional history on his blog at: Here are some recent posts: Jeff Bingaman of yesteryear: U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, 68, likely made his last official trip to eastern New Mexico on Aug. 6. Three things you might not know about the retiring senator who grew up […]

‘Texas’ timeless tale for everyone

It had been awhile since we'd all been to "Texas" and a recent trip to Palo Duro Canyon didn't disappoint. We had great weather, if anything it was a little too hot in the amphitheatre with its cozy, close-together seating and the trip was relaxing. My wife and I went to see the West Texas […]

My past now belongs in museum

We all want some of the things we touched in life to live on for posterity but it's a shock to walk into a history museum and find an item you had personal experience operating. Such was the case recently when I made a stop at the Roosevelt County Museum on the campus of Eastern […]

Reunions get better with time

It's been 35 years since the Portales High School class of 1977 graduated but after a quick reunion in Ruidoso this past weekend it's clear the personalities are the same. I never would have guessed my class would have held four reunions by our 35th year but we wound up having a 10th, 20th, 30th […]

Students should consider post high school education

If you pick up most any tangible item you will see it was made in Mexico or China. More and more we see labor exported from the United States to countries where labor costs are cheaper. If you followed the GM bailout story a few years ago, it became obvious to all (including the labor […]

First car has special spot in my heart

I'll never forget the curves on my very first. Her lines were classic as they curved toward her backside. She was dark green with supple vinyl upholstery and eight-track quadraphonic stereo. After reading a recent story in one of the local papers about people's first car, I was feeling a little left out so here's […]

Firefighters continue facing risks

It's truly amazing to me with all the wildland fires across the West this spring and summer that there has been very little loss of human life. We've had some truly huge fires this year with the Whitewater Baldy fire becoming the largest fire in state history by scorching nearly 300,000 acres. The Little Bear […]

Reading strengthens imaginations

In my young imagination I used to hunt tigers in the sandhills of eastern New Mexico. I'm pretty sure I never got out of my mother's sight but I still came back from my adventures telling all that had happened as my dog Knucklehead and I pursued the beast. I can only think of one […]