Hunting, fishing key to dad’s trips

Many people whose father has passed on can tell wonderful stories of all the places their dad took the family on vacation. I would say our family only took one traditional vacation while I was growing up. That's not to say my father never took us anywhere. It's just that wherever that Terry-style vacation took […]

iPads have many applications

I'm happy to report my wife and I are now a two iPad family. Her iPad just doesn't happen to work. You can use an iPad for nearly anything, well actually, we learned (the hard way) they're not much of a drink coaster. We went through serious withdrawal symptoms before we replaced our drowned iPad. […]

Voters should look past mudslinging

First, let me be clear: I do not believe it is right for political party officers and elected officials to take sides in a contested primary. I have represented New Mexico as a state representative for nearly 18 years and I am both honored and blessed to serve the best constituents in our great state. […]

Photography much easier today

Most people don't know this, but I actually have a photographic memory. The only problem is I ran out of film somewhere back around 1993. My immediate family didn't take a lot of snapshots when my brother and sister and I were little. Mom's albums and picture boxes are filled with a few snapshots of […]

Rain can brighten day

Last week, Elizabeth Morris asked if I would like to do something special on Sunday. Well, of course, I thought of a trip to lma, and she seemed to be willing to ride along with Prissy and me. Little did we know what kind of day we would be spending out there or how little […]

Detour never quite explained

Tucumcari has seen more than its share of travelers, thanks mostly to historic Route 66. Sometimes the strangers leave strange stories behind. That was the case when a confused, unemployed trumpet player passed through 50 years ago this month. B. William Kittler, 29, left his California home late on May 22, 1962, with his girlfriend, […]

Let’s be thankful for mothers

Things my mom actually did in her adventurous life … Sewed shirts from a pattern. Invented the dookie bar. Changed irrigation tubes from a Chevy station wagon. Shot a bull snake out of our treehouse with a .22 rifle. Learned to cut her children's hair herself. Drove a school bus full of noisy children. Operated […]

Life in small town most rewarding

Some people think that life in a small town or in a rural area is rather dull. Well, those people should try to live this live life to learn that it is anything but dull. Instead it is most rewarding! We have but to look outside or answer the phone to have many lively and […]

Christians should live to lead others to Christ

Listening to television can be difficult, especially during commercials because I don't hear very well and there's often considerable background 'noise' and rapid scene changes. Recently, while watching a commercial it seemed the product was being advertised as "egofriendly" and I thought to myself, "Now, that's an interesting gimmick. Just go straight to the heart […]

New, old friends help watch my words

As most of you are all too aware, I spent much of my life in attempting to teach students English. Of course, that included efforts to present literature, to help with composition, and to emphasize grammar. Both the written word and spoken word caused all of us to work hard to be correct as we […]