A gesture of kindness leads to discussion on the word of God

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I picked up a hitchhiker as I was leaving Tucumcari for a meeting in Albuquerque recently. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been alone in the car (please don’t tell my wife) and was able to make a split-second decision that it would probably be safe. As […]

Children should ask about the meaning of Communion


By Leonard Lauriault Religion columnist   Congregations such as the one where my family and I attend follow the example of the New Testament church by coming together every Sunday, the first day of the week, to partake of the Lord’s Supper (Communion; breaking bread ) in memory of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as […]

Shelburne: Can we come back after we’ve been broken?

Can we “come back” after we’ve been broken? That’s the question. Anything columnist Charles Krauthammer writes is worth reading, so I wasn’t surprised that his recent book Things That Matter, a compilation of some of his best columns, is filled with gems of uncommon sense. Krauthammer tells an amazing “come back” story from the world […]

God’s x-ray vision examines our souls; guard your heart

I attended a gathering recently where everyone introduced themselves. One person stated they were a radiology technician at a local hospital and one of the other attendees said, “Hey, didn’t you take my x-ray yesterday?”  The first person responded apologetically that she didn’t have a good memory for faces. I immediately thought to myself, “Well, […]

Give control to God, our Father

Karl Terry Former Quay County Sun Editor   I believe that at some point in our lives nearly every human is moved to prayer.   For some that point of prayer may not come until danger, fear and uncertainty are real and all around. For others it’s an act done by appointment, performed at church, […]

Easter date varies with timing of Jewish Passover

We celebrate a lot of holidays and other special occasions. Most, like birthdays, are celebrated on the same date each year because we know that’s the date on which the event occurred. Christmas is an exception to that. We don’t actually know the date of Jesus’ birth, or even the year, but we know it […]

Thankful to friends for another outing to the canyons

Three friends, Yvette Peacock, Elizabeth Morris, and Susan Hamiton-Vick decided we needed to go the the canyons at lma again. Of course, I didn’t argue with them because there is no place I’d rater go. The clouds were gathering as we drove along thus making the trip more exciting than usual. We stopped at lma […]

Let Easter be your rebirth into the family of God

I took advantage of the cool still morning while the dogs were outside to take a peek at my garden. I knew it was too early to see anything but I could imagine what it would look like in a few weeks. I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I bent down further and […]

Good friends can help you find place to escape reality

Last Sunday, Yvette Peacock invited Elizabeth Morris and me to take a drive with her to Ima. Nothing could have been better, because those canyons are always calling. The drive was particularly special because I could just look at the scenery without putting hand to wheel or foot to pedal. Just being able to sit […]

Christ can save your skin from the closest of shaves

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I have a hate-hate relationship with shaving. I hate to shave, but I hate even worse not being clean-shaven every morning and I never get as close a shave as I’d like. Recently, the foil screen on my electric razor got a nick in it (sounds like karma, although read […]