Comments from the canyons: Everyone has own method of relieving tension

Sometimes, we are surrounded by a little too much tension and need to keep it from getting the upper hand. Letting it control us rather than our controlling it can make life all too unpleasant. The problem is how to avoid the former. When we can come up with a universal answer for that, we […]

Lauriault: Hard work deserves regular recognition

October is minister/clergy/pastor appreciation month with the goal that every church leader and their family would feel appreciated by those they serve (; publication of this website shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement of the website or the church to whom it belongs. It was merely the first place I looked after a Google search […]

The “Pop of Death” and Finding God’s Instructions

I started writing this two weeks ago, hoping that before I finished it, I’d know the end of the story. It was a Sunday afternoon. That means the dog and I had an appointment for a nap, but man’s best friend was away visiting other family and friends, including her real owner, so I had […]

Comments from the canyons: Yearbooks hold many fond memories

Recently, a friend mentioned that she had spent some time browsing through her Tucumcari High School annuals and what memories they had revived. Naturally, I grabbed some of mine and began to enjoy looking at the pictures of friends, but the best experience was reading the comments made by those teenage friends and most of […]

Notes from the church lady: Working together makes work more enjoyable

“For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow…” Ecclesiastes 4:10 I survey my kitchen this morning, my eyes focused on the jars full of chow-chow (a spicy relish that is wonderful on beans and cornbread) and think back to the chaos on Friday. Starting with a mountain of fresh produce I worked […]

“Your Identity Remains Unchanged”

An e-mail subject line just caught me by surprise: “Your identity remains unchanged.” Really? I guess that’s good to know. I’ve wondered. How much does a person’s identity change over the years? How much of who we really are is changed simply by the accumulation of years and experience? How much of our genuine identity […]

Lauriault: Fishing should draw men to God, not just to church

Some people are successful fishermen while others, like me, aren’t. I quit fishing decades ago having realized that the one time I caught a fish, I also got caught; but, the several times I bought a fishing license, I never got a bite. I confess I didn’t take the time to learn appropriate fishing techniques. […]

Wedding — Sept. 18

Gerr-Shipley Jeremy Lane Shipley and Jaclyn Sue Gerr exchanged wedding vows Feb. 23, 2013, in an outdoor ceremony held at the scenic Stardance Event Center in Tucson, Ariz. The groom is the son of Peggy Shipley and the late Donald Shipley of Tucumcari. Jeremy’s maternal grandmother is Frances Jockle of Albuquerque. The bride is the […]

Lauriault: Living within God’s guidelines leads to true happiness

We enjoyed the fair in August. One of the church booths had games that included pitching a straw into a container, selecting a key hoping it would unlock a prize, and picking a rubber duck to see what prize number would be awarded. That last game was meant for small children so everyone could win […]

Comments from the canyons: Manners only in decline because we allow it

Recently, the subject of manners came up in a conversation. The person who introduced the subject seemed to believe that some of the manners we were taught had changed only during the last few years. The main act under discussion was the opening of doors by gentlemen. Obviously, a man had just entered ahead of […]