Birthdays — Sept. 4

Otero Sisters Emily and Melanie Otero celebrated their birthdays together with a swim party at the Elks Lodge. Emily celebrated with a Mustache themed party and Melanie celebrated with a Smurf themed party! Emily turned 8 years old on Aug. 31, and Melanie will turn 4 on on Wednesday. They have one older sister Gracie […]

Comments from the canyons: Life can be a lot of fun when we let it

As many of you know, this woman from lma was fortunate enough to be able to collect several college degrees. Most of my early life was spent on one side of the desk or the other as I was either trying to learn something or trying to teach students something. Although I was accepted into […]

Notes from the church lady: God has much to teach in school of life

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord”… Isaiah 54:13 Do you remember your very first day of school and all the preparations which led up to that big day? In those days we didn’t have kindergarten and as a five year old I entered the big time, the first grade. My brother […]

Comments from the canyons: Misuse of words a pet peeve

Playing with words has been a favorite game of mine since I began to be able to hold a pencil. Both Mother and Grandmother wanted me to learn something each day and also wanted to find something that would keep me occupied so they could get their work done. They taught me the alphabet as […]

Lauriault: Jesus should have oversight of our lives

Isn’t it interesting how a word can have different meanings and sometimes those different meanings interact? During a conversation some time ago, I received an apology from an organization’s local supervisor because some paperwork I turned in for reimbursement got ‘lost’ somewhere on a desk. His statement included something like, “Please forgive this oversight (mistake) […]

Anniversaries — Aug. 21

Dennis Bryan Dale and Bonnie Jean Wilson Dennis, San Antonio, Texas, formerly of Tucumcari, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in San Antonio on Aug. 22. They were married on Aug. 22, 1948, in Cisco, Texas. The Dennises celebrated the event with a gathering hosted by a daughter, Kathy Scarfo, of San Antonio. The Dennises have […]

Honors — Aug. 7


Five Middle School and two high school students attended the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America National Leadership Conference on July 7-11 in Nashville Tenn. These students worked hard all year to year on their projects as they moved from district to state and eventually nationals. Today there are about 6,500 active FCCLA Chapters […]

Lazarus was dead, but hope had last word

Lazarus was dead. Of that sad fact everyone was now absolutely sure. He had been barely breathing when Mary and Martha, his sisters, had sent the urgent message to Jesus to beg the Lord to return to help the desperate friends. They needed Jesus badly, and quickly. Yesterday, if possible, and it wasn’t possible. Even […]

Birthday — July 31

Tristan Noah Gonzales celebrated his second birthday on Sunday with a Mickey Mouse theme birthday party at his home with family and friends. Tristan has an older brother Patrick and is the son of Patrick and Heather Gonzales. His grandparents are Delfina and Mauel Preciado, Cynthia and Rick Acker of Tucumcari and Vicki Ferguson of […]

White space is not your enemy

I just ordered a book recommended to me by a friend helping me with some ideas for the cover of my new Christmas record. (A CD is still a “record,” as in “recording.” And, no, it is not difficult at all to sing “Let It Snow” with deep feeling on a 100-degree day.) The title […]