God will always lead us to success

Setting up housekeeping is no easy task. But the task on the other end of the journey is harder. Ask anyone who has buried their last parent or whose parents have had to move into a care facility. Sifting through three-quarters of a century's worth of accumulated mounds of paper, pictures, trinkets, and family treasures […]

If everybody had a father like I had a father …

I was bumping up toward my own birthday last week (Jan. 11) when I was reminded that Jan. 9 was the 13th anniversary of my father's death. And then our youngest brother reminded his three brothers, including me, that Tuesday, would have been our dad's 100th birthday! With that in mind, I offer these words […]

How Do You Feel About Growing Older?

January. I think of it as a birthday month. My dad's. My oldest granddaughter's. And mine. Last weekend we helped celebrate that sweet little beauty's sixth birthday. My own 56th was a week earlier. Fifty-six is not all that significant a milestone, though I've noticed that a lot of survey-type forms bump people into another […]

Lauriault: Cleansing of spirit hands-on experience

I saw a billboard recently that said "Truck Wash" at the top and "Hand Wash" at the bottom. My first thought was about what was being washed was that it was neat that you could wash whatever you wanted from your truck (the biggest thing on the road) to just your hands. After I realized […]

Our page – Jan. 9

Food baskets On Dec. 22, approximately 40 Elks members met at the Tucumcari Elks Lodge and prepared and delivered 112 Christmas Food Baskets for Quay County area needy families. Fifty-six family households were recipients of the Christmas food baskets. Each household received two food baskets. Elks volunteers filled boxes with various food items. A big […]

Our page – Dec. 19

Student of the month Garrett Le Mons, 16, has been named December 2012 Student of the Month at Tucumcari High School. He is the son of Jimmy and Tammy Le Mons and is a senior. Le Mons has been active in band, playing saxophone, guitar, drums, violin and a little bit of piano. He has […]

Our page – Dec. 5

American Legion Auxillary American Legion Auxiliary Juniors Unit 77 of Logan gave their time and love to make 106 quilt tops and spinal cork blankets for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Albuquerque. Fabric, thread, sewing machines, etc. were all donated to assist them for this project, as well as prayer blankets. Carlie Perry, Ashley Turpin, […]

Notes from the Church Lady: Life can be frustrating, rewarding puzzle

"For the body is not one member, but many." 1 Corinthians 12:14 A few days ago a friend and I were discussing jigsaw puzzles. There is something comforting about staring at hundreds of pieces of cardboard on a cold, snowy day. There is no hurry to complete the puzzle and it gives a person a […]

Lauriault: Sometimes relationship with God requires reboot

One of our children is notorious for taking off her shoes and socks in the car although she's been told time and again not to do that. Consequently, wherever we go, we need to include time to put those back on her. Recently, on one such occasion, the thought entered my mind that, "Here I […]

Year leaves much to be thankful for

"Rejoice evermore… In every thing give thanks…" 1 Thessalonians 5:16, 18 I have so much to give thanks to the Lord for this holiday season. Does that mean I had a year free of anything bad? No, my year wasn't rosy but I didn't go through it alone. Looking back I can see how the […]