Do you have enough eternal life insurance coverage?

By Leonard Lauriault   Religion Columnist   While on vacation this summer, a lizard ran across the road right in front of me and the old question came to mind, so I woke up my wife and asked her, “Why did the lizard cross the road? (Answer: Because he thought he had good insurance.) She […]

Talking to strangers face-to-face brings joy, enrichment

By Debra Whittington Religion columnist “Be ye kind one to another”…Ephesians 4:32 There is something lacking in our electronically connected world…face-to-face communication with people we don’t know. The problem is that face-to-face communication is lacking in many areas of everyday life. We are just too busy to take the time and effort. All of this […]

God will grant our heart’s desires when they’re Godly

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist My wife and I have six children between us and they’re all just as sweet as they can be, each in their own way. While we were on vacation recently, God reminded me just how sweet the youngest (ours) is (without taking anything away from the older children) and that […]

Founders of our country triumphed by following God

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist While it is common knowledge that the war to gain independence from Great Britain was fought over 200 years ago, history has conveniently forgotten the hardships endured in the name of freedom. During the years between the Boston Tea Party and the surrender at Yorktown, the men who led the […]

Lauriault: God left his word, so we don’t have to read his mind

Like many men, throughout my married life, I’ve often gotten into trouble because I wasn’t on the same page as my wife. I’m very familiar with the question, “What WERE you thinking?” Admittedly, sometimes I probably wasn’t thinking, which is why I seldom had an answer. But I always knew that my intentions were good, […]

Books are special, but the Bible is always new and vital

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist Sunday School was over and our current lesson book was finished. As I closed its pages I thought about all the life lessons I learned through the study. I brought it home to place it among other Bible study books in my collection. Each time I pick one up and […]

God’s x-ray vision examines our souls; guard your heart

  By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I attended a gathering recently where everyone introduced themselves. One person stated they were a radiology technician at a local hospital and one of the other attendees said, “Hey, didn’t you take my x-ray yesterday?”  The first person responded apologetically that she didn’t have a good memory for faces. […]

A gesture of kindness leads to discussion on the word of God

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I picked up a hitchhiker as I was leaving Tucumcari for a meeting in Albuquerque recently. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been alone in the car (please don’t tell my wife) and was able to make a split-second decision that it would probably be safe. As […]

Children should ask about the meaning of Communion


By Leonard Lauriault Religion columnist   Congregations such as the one where my family and I attend follow the example of the New Testament church by coming together every Sunday, the first day of the week, to partake of the Lord’s Supper (Communion; breaking bread ) in memory of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as […]

Shelburne: Can we come back after we’ve been broken?

Can we “come back” after we’ve been broken? That’s the question. Anything columnist Charles Krauthammer writes is worth reading, so I wasn’t surprised that his recent book Things That Matter, a compilation of some of his best columns, is filled with gems of uncommon sense. Krauthammer tells an amazing “come back” story from the world […]