Letter to the Editor: Trump not fit for office

It is amazing that public opinion polls have Hillary and Trump in a close race for the presidency. The truth is that a sizable number of us have not bothered to go to the trouble to determine the facts. When it comes to lying, Trump is in a class all by himself. “Politico” spent a […]

Letter to the Editor: Underage drinking can pose many dangers

For quite some time now, underage drinking has been the prime downfall for teenagers. Whether it’s to fit in, feel better, or to just try and have a good time, drinking under the legal age of 21 is a national concern. Because of this, motor vehicle crashes, homicides, alcohol poisoning, burns, falls, drowning and suicide […]

Letter to the Editor

It’s a residence not a business The recently proposed garage sale ordinance is not too broad — just the opposite. It must target those running a business out of their home and every-other-weekend garage sales. I’ve heard suggestions that the city needs to stop being petty and worry about fixing streets and drug crimes. Well, […]

Letter to Editor

Holding Judgment I would like to encourage people of Tucumcari and Quay County to remember there are two sides to every story and you shouldn’t always trust one-sided articles such as the front-page article in last week’s Quay County Sun (“City pharmacist charged with felonies”). Even though I am a transplant and did not grow […]

Letter to the Editor

A not so fiscal plan The Republicans are always stressing the importance of being fiscally responsible and accuse Democrats as being irresponsibly “tax and spend.” A little casual investigation reveals the reality is Republicans are “tax cut and spend.” Guess which process results in a larger deficit? The claim they use to justify tax cuts, […]

Letter to the Editor— Dec. 23

Global warming, global impact In Paris the world leaders agreed that global warming was real and presented a menace to our civilization as we know it. In scientific circles the debate ended long ago. Addressing this situation will take cooperation, lots of it, or we will fail. The cost of failure will be beyond our […]

Letters to the Editor

Point of view Regarding Steve Hansen’s Nov. 4 column headlined “Someone has to ask the hard questions:” Hansen and I must have been watching a different GOP debate on CNBC. Hansen spoke of the “tough questions” the moderators asked the candidates and the problems the candidates had with the questions. He insinuated that the candidates […]

Leon Logan: Letter to the Editor

Viewpoint accuracy questionable The Albuquerque Journal “Viewpoint” in the June 24 issue of Quay County Sun must have been talking about a different program than what was studied by the New Mexico Chapter of  American College of Physicians. The federal government will pay all the cost of extending Medicaid to the eligible uninsured for the […]

Letter to the Editor

Poverty affects children’s learning   Our governor recently mentioned  truancy problems in schools that we need to address. Then in the same speech, she wanted us to become a “right to work” state. The issues are diametrically opposed. Poverty is the largest problem facing our public schools. Unions give working people a voice in bargaining […]

Letter to the Editor

Judge thanks volunteer attorneys On December 11, 2014, the County Clerks in De Baca, Quay, and Harding County were required to conduct a recount of the ballots cast in the race for state land commissioner. By law, the judge, or an attorney designated by the judge, is required to be present during the recount so […]