Letter to the Editor

Curb appeal is a must As president of the Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce, I am writing to let the community know about the importance of curb appeal. All of our citizens should be willing to make our city trash free and attractive, not just for our benefit but for those traveling through. Keeping our […]

Former Rattler passes away Letter to Editor

Former Rattler remembered A former Rattler great passed away recently.  He was James Lee (Jim) Pelzer, who quarterbacked the Tucumcari Rattler football teams in the late 1940s.  He was in the same backfield as the great Don Babers who went on to star for Oklahoma A & M (now Oklahoma State). Pelzer’s parents owned and […]

Letter to the Editor

Food stamps for the hungry Frequently, articles in various conservative publications complain about food stamps for “those people,” proposing various steps to restrict their use including drug testing. Our governor falls into that category. Children comprise 45 percent of food-stamp recipients and 41 percent are working people. An example of “welfare for the rich:” Stephen […]

Letter to the editor

The most important part of a child’s education is their ability to read. If we want New Mexico to keep moving forward, we need to make sure our kids can read effectively. Fortunately, our governor understands this, and she has worked during her first term to get the job done. When it comes to our […]

Letter to the editor — Dec. 18

City staff deserves recognition Regarding the Oct. 23 comment in which Dora Salinas McTigue said, “I have done more than anyone including my predecessor for my district:” The 16 years I represented City Commission District 1, commissioners worked together with the city staff, local, state, federal elected representatives, and private citizens to upgrade and replace […]

Letter to the editor — Oct. 30

Millions will benefit from ACA Every time you turn on a news channel or radio station there is someone running down the Affordable Care Act. There is an ideology in our country that believes anything government does is bad. This group is not concerned about the needs of the majority of citizens in our country […]

Letters to the editor — Oct. 9

City manager’s dismissal irresponsible The city manager’s hiring and firing is within the purview of the City Commission; in fact, that’s its primary function. However, commissioners Dora Salinas-McTigue, Jimmy Sandoval and Ernie Dominguez have shown an astounding lack of judgment and a shocking degree of irresponsibility by firing City Manger Doug Powers without having someone […]

Letter to the editor: Austerity will only make things worse

We are constantly being bombarded by the need for cutting government spending, which is being pushed by a group referred to by a prominent economist as “Very Important People.” Their dire predictions have time and again proven to be wrong. The current fiscal situation is being used to pursue the ever-present goal of conservatives: elimination […]

Letter to the editor — July 17

Funding suspension having impact Suspension of behavioral health Medicaid funding is having significant impact on Quay County’s health and well-being. The New Mexico Department of Human Services recently announced a behavioral health Medicaid fund audit and suspension of payments to those agencies being investigated. As a result, agencies around the state are unable to provide […]

Letter to the Editor

We have global warming staring us in the face, infrastructure that needs a trillion to update, millions unemployed, some long-term, students, the country’s future,  looking at a mountain of debt and what are a large number of congressmen, House and Senate, members looking at? Repealing The Affordable Health Care Act, 32 times, putting up road […]