Waste-to-energy plant, factory expansion top project list

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor     Current economic development projects that the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation is working with include a waste-to-energy plant and providing assistance to the Tucumcari Mountain Cheese Factory’s plans for expansion, Pat Vanderpool, the EDC’s executive director, said. With some refinements in a feasibility report, local scientist Bob […]

Houser named MainStreet director

Gail Houser

QCS Staff Gail Houser is a believer in self-sufficiency, but he thinks that with the combined effort of a dedicated group of business leaders, Tucumcari can get back on its feet. Houser, who lives near Las Vegas,  has been named the new director of the Tucumcari MainStreet program, replacing Mark Lake, who retired from the […]

Quay County Fair results: Hobbies and crafts

Crafts and Hobbies Results   Leathercraft Belts 2. Terry White   Other 1. Wyatt Bishop 2. Terry White   Woodcraft Wall Hangings 1 Corky Bason 2. Jeanne Kelley 3. Linda Griggs   Handicraft Baskets 2. Delfina Sherman   Bead Articles 2. Carol Berryhill   Craft Painting 1. Jeanne Kelley 2. Brandy Wolfe   Driftwood Creations […]

Quay County Fair results: Fine arts

First place winners Sheri Keith, oil painting Dawn of Tohidu Linda Griggs, acrylic painting of a hot iron Russell Braziel, acrylic painting of a building Yolanda Nava, watercolor of carousel horse Julie Sursa, pastel St. Augustine Lighthouse Yolanda Nava, red & blue pen of young girl Diana Rush, pencil drawing of a Titan Linda Griggs, […]

Quay County Fair results: Rabbit and poultry

Rabbit Show Results   4-H/FFA Meat Pen 1.  Dyson Clark 2. Nicholas Black   Grand – Dyson Clark Reserve – Nicholas Black   Open Rabbit Show Results   Meat Type Breed 1. Troy Lunsford – Californian 2. Troy Lunsford – Rex 3. Nicholas Black – New Zealand   Meat Type Breed 1. Alyssa Oglesby – Dutch 2. […]

Quay County Fair results: Sewing

 Sewing Department Results   Work Apron 1. Corinne Hayes 2. Suzanne Pacheco   Fancy Aprons 1. Suzanne Pacheco   Pillows 2. Suzanne Pacheco   Placemats 1. Delfina Sherman 2. Christine Stieg   Kitchen Accessories Pot Holder Sets 1. Bonnie Weaver 2. Corinne Hayes   Pot Holder Singles 1. Bonnie Weaver 2. Corinne Hayes   Any […]

Quay County Fair results: 4-H results

Archery Junior 1. Tianna Peterson, Poster   Novice 1. Tobe Slater, Poster 2. Robert Evans, Poster 3. Dyson Clark, Poster   Senior 1. Trestin Peterson, poster   Babysitting 1. Tianna Peterson, Advertising flyer   Baking I Novice 1. Jodi Vance, choc.chip cookies 1. Robert Evans, muffins 1. Tanlea Fair, sugar cookies 1. Tanlea Fair, biscuits […]

Quay County Fair results: Junior Goat Show

Junior Goat Show   First Year Goat Feeder Kindal Smith   Class 1. 1.  Kelsey Morrow 2.  Amanda Kanapilly 3.  Joanie Vance 4.  Ashlee Bradley 5.  Tobe Slater 6.  Dustin Bryant 7.  Ashlee Bradley 8.  Beauen Johnson 9.  Wyatt Bishop   Class 2. 1.  Dustin Bryant 2.  Amanda Kanapilly 3.  Dawson Moon 4.  Jodi Vance […]

Quay County Fair results: Market Lambs

Market Lamb Results First Year Lamb Feeder: Joanie Vance   Cross 1.  Kyle Knight 2.  Baylee Hines 3.  Karli Webb 4.  Garrett Bollinger 5.  Caitlin Elebario 6.  Kyle Hamilton 7.  Jason Knight 8.  Emmalee Elebario   Breed Champion Kyle Knight   Reserve Breed Champion: Baylee Hines   Blackface-Class 1. 1.  Kyle Knight 2.  Kyle Hamilton […]

Quay County Fair results: Junior Market Swine Show

2014 Quay County Junior Market Swine Show   First Year Swine Feeder Avery Cavett   Hamp-Class 1. 1.  Karlee Cantrell 2.  Kambry Burns 3.  Avery Cavett 4.  Henry Molyneaux 5.  Jordan Hines 6.  Kyle Hamilton   Hamp-Class 2. 1.  Riley Bruhn 2.  Katelyn Moralez 3.  Kailey McKnight 4.  Grady Loveland 5.  Kyle Hamilton   Breed […]