Quay County Fair results: Booths

Quay County Fair Booth Results Commercial 1.  Fearless Poets Against Bullying 2.  Nathan Wallace for Sheriff 3.  Hannah Dance With Me   Organizational 1.  ENMRSH 2.  Center Street United Methodist Church 3.  Pride   FCCLA 1.  Tucumcari Middle School FCCLA   FFA 2.  San Jon FFA   4-H 1.  Wranglers 2.  San Jon Yuccas 3.  […]

Quay County Fair results: Horticulture (flowers)

Horticulture (Flower Show) ADULTS Annuals & Biennials Cosmos 1.  Mary Hines, Juleanne Barrett, Linda Mageshe, Brenda Bedford 2.  Mary Lou Henson, Charlene Montgomery, Terry White   Geranium 1.  Janis Fought   Marigod-dwarf 2.  Julie Sursa   Marigold-large 1.  Brenda Bedford 2.  Bertha Holman 3.  Brenda Bedford   Vinca (periwinkle) 1.  Janis Fought 2.  Janis Fought […]

Quay County Fair results: Artistic Food Display

Artistic Food Display JUNIOR Vegetables Centerpieces 1. Brandy Smith   Garnishes 1. Brooke Smith

Quay County Fair results: Needlework

  Needlework ADULT Knitting Scarf 1.  Helen Karns   Dish Cloths 1.  Helen Karns   Any Other 1.  Mary Elebario   Embroidery DishTowel 1.  Brandy Wolfe   Cross-Stitch 1 Ginger Dysart   Counted Cross-Stitch 1.  Ginger Dysart   Hand Stitch Blanket 1.  Pat Hansen   Other Embroidered 1.  Pat Hansen   Ribbon Embroidery Holiday 1.  […]

Quay County Fair Results: Baking

Baking ADULT Yeast Breads White Loaf 1.  Maxine Wallace   Whole Wheat Rolls 3.  Maxine Wallace   Whole Wheat Loaf 3.  Maxine Wallace   Other 1.  Laura Bason   Quick Bread, loaf Banana 1.  Essie Bradford   Nut 1.  Maxine Wallace 2.  Serena Goar 3.  Essie Bradford   Other Quick Bread 1.  Terry White 2.  […]

Quay County Fair Results: Quilting

Quilting ADULT Machine Quilted Embroidered 1. Margie Truelock   Pieced (pattern) 1. Mary Elebario 2.  Suzanna Pacheco 2.  Margie Truelock   Novelty 1. Margie Truelock 1. Corinne Hayes 2.  Mary Elebario   Bedspread 1. Mary Elebario   Wall Hanging Under 24” BEST OF SHOW Mary Elebario   Wall Hanging Over 24 1. Corinne Hayes 1. […]

Quay County Fair results: Canning and food preservation

Canning & Food Preservation Vegetables Tomatoes 1. Terry White   Tomato Juice 1. Terry White   Fruit Applesauce Corinne Hayes   Any Other 2. Corinne Hayes   Pickles Bread & Butter 1. Corinne Hayes 2. Brandy Wolfe   Cucumber, Sweet 2. Brandy Wolfe   Pickled Peppers 2. Corinne Hayes   Mixed 1. Barbara Cast   […]

Cross-nation runner hopes to speak with Obama on veterans’ care

Steve Knowlton pauses outside of Tucumcari on his way to Washington, D.C., where he hopes to speak to President Obama about veterans' health care.

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor. Steve Knowlton stopped in Tucumcari Aug.5,  about third of his way to Washington D.C., where he hopes to arrange a meeting with President Barack Obama to talk about the care of veterans and their high suicide rates. To get there, he is running and walking. He hopes his efforts and […]

Teachers learn about child abuse

Pete Rivera, Tucumcari Police Department assistant chief, speaks to Quay County teachers about child abuse law enforcement Tuesday, as Logan Police Chief Robert Gore and state police Lt. Herbert Hinders look on.

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Quay County’s child wellness team of law enforcement, child welfare workers and advocates, and the Tenth Judicial District Attorney’s office Tuesday enlisted support of another group of front-line allies: public school educators. “You know these kids. You can see when there are changes that indicate something is wrong,” Lt. […]

County advances EDC agreement

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor The Quay County Commission took a first look at a proposed contract between the county and the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. that would provide regular reports to the county on the EDC’s operations and results. The commissioners asked for changes in the contract, and the county’s attorney, Warren […]