County applies for waiver of grant match payment

QCS Staff The Quay County Commission Monday approved requests for waivers of grant matching funds that could reduce the county’s cost of improvements on Quay Road 63, also called Cemetery Road west of Tucumcari, by $113,250. The improvements totaling nearly $622,700 will be paid for by state department of transportation funds and county money.  If […]

Appeals court rejects Logan’s attempt to halt Ute intake construction

The intake structure under construction on the south shore of the Ute Lake Reservoir near Logan by the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority is scheduled to be completed in October.

By Robin Fornoff PROJECTS EDITOR A federal court of appeals in Denver has refused to reverse a decision giving the green light to construction of an intake at Ute Lake Reservoir, part of the Ute Lake Project plan to pipe drinking water to communities in Curry and Roosevelt counties. The decision made Monday rejects […]

County approves emergency dispatch tax ballot measure

QCS Staff The Quay County Commission Wednesday approved for a special election on Sept. 23 an ordinance that would impose a new gross receipts tax to finance independent emergency communications and emergency medical and behavioral health services. Early voting begins Tuesday, Aug. 26. County businesses would pay the tax, equal to one-fourth of 1 percent […]

Quay County Fair results: Steer Show

2014 Quay County Steer Show   First Year Feeder Genae Cone   Class 1 1  Genae Cone 2  Jordie Stowe 3  Aleahna Branch 4  Trey Runyan 5  Trey Runyan   Class 2 1  Bailey Rhea Smith 2  Bailey Rhea Smith 3  Aleahna Branch 4  Kyeli Stowe   Class 3 1  Bailey Rhea Smith 2  Kindal […]

Quay County Fair results: Heifer Show

2014 Quay County Heifer Show   First Year Feeder Heifer Kyle Knight   Class 1 1. Brook Robertson 2. Colten Leonard 3. Kippi Webb 4. Kyle Knight   Class 2 1. Kippi Webb 2. Karli Webb 3. Avery Cavett 4. Gracie Whitson   Class 3 1. Kyle Knight 2. Genae Cone 3. Rebecca Rush 4. […]

Quay County Fair results: Dog Show

2014 Quay County Fair 4-H Dog Show   Senior 1. Trestin Peterson 2. Taylor Hayes   Junior 1. Tianna Peterson 2. Kaleb Hayes   Novice 1. Jenna Lopez 2. Natalie hayes   Best Junior Handler Taylor Hayes  

Quay County Fair results: Junior Agricultural Products

Brown Shell 1. Patric Szaloy 2. Macey Moon 3. Evan Taylor   Other, colored shells 1. Rilee Nials   Section IV Vegetables Beats, Red with 1” tops 1. Kyleigh Cavett 2. Preslie Cavett   Carrots with 1” tops 3. Patric Szaloy   Eggplant 1. Avery Cavett 2. Preslie Cavett   Peppers, Hot Green 1. Kyleigh […]

Quay County Fair Results: Agricultural products

  2014 Quay County Fair Agricultural Products   ADULT   Class 1-  Heads & Ears Sunflower 1. Cathy Ray   Class III – Sheaves, Grain Crops Wheat 1. Dusti Cavett 2. Cathy Ray   Section II Fresh Fruit & Nuts Red Grapes 1.UV Henson – BEST OF SHOW   Section III Chicken Eggs Brown Shell […]

Quay County Fair results: Horse Show

Novice Western Horsemanship 1. Joanie Vance 2.Rilee Nials 3.Amber Owen   Novice Trail 1. Rilee Nials 2. Joanie Vance 3. Jenna Lopez 4. Gares Lopez 5. Amber Owen   Junior Egg Race 1. Amber Rivera   Novice Egg Race 1. Rilee Nials 2. Joanie Vance 3. Jenna Lopez 4. Gares Lopez 5. Amber Owen   […]

Teachers protest formula

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor The Tucumcari Education Association has added its voice to the growing outcry among educators to protest the use of “value-added models” for teacher evaluations. Locally, the teachers have administrators on their side. The value-added model is a complex statistical formula that produces a score that is used to evaluate […]