Hansen: Heat gone, but damage is done

As we indicate elsewhere in this newspaper, cooler weather has returned this month to Quay County. That means we see temperatures below 90 before 10 a.m. once in a while and clouds are appearing daily, sometimes bringing rain — sometimes even thunder, lightning and wind. Randall Hergert, a friendly voice of the National Weather Service […]

McDonald: Reading makes a writer better

Since the start of a new school year brings new adventures in education, and since reading and writing are essential to a good education, and since there’s a fair number of people who have trouble with reading and writing, I offer up a case study — myself. When I was a kid, I read words […]

Editorial:Email dump latest evidence of D.C. quid pro quo

Fresh on the heels of emails that showed Democratic National Committee bosses discussing ways to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders come new emails that show donors to the Clinton Foundation had a special in with the State Department under then-Secretary Hillary Clinton. Sad, but hardly surprising — and completely in character with the […]

Steve Hansen: State lucky to avoid national coverage

By Steve Hansen Fromer QCS Managing Editor I have to wonder sometimes about the role of my media colleagues in the tragic police-involved events of the past several weeks. We’re the ones who decide whether a story goes national. Any more, it seems formulaic: White cop vs. black suspect. Black suspect dies during or shortly […]

Steve Hansen: Some summertime thoughts to ponder

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Some random mid-summer thoughts for the Fourth of July: • It’s hot and the thunderstorms seem to go around us in Tucumcari as if we had posted a “no storm” sign with “double fines” below it in the stratosphere.  We had a good one a couple of weeks […]

Steve Hansen: The recent ‘Brexit’ warrants closer attention

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The news was dominated last week by the “Brexit,” a shortening of “British exit,” which has nothing to do with leaving the road while driving on the right side of the car in the left lane. This was Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, or EU, which […]

Steve Hansen: Full moon is shining on summer’s first day

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Monday marked the summer solstice, the day of the year when the sun stays up the longest. We are supposed to be cheering because it was the first time in 70 years there was a full moon on the summer solstice. To me this sounds a little like […]

Steve Hansen: Campaigns will get sillier, if that’s possible

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Well, the primaries are done, but this campaign will probably get even sillier. Here are our choices: 1. The world’s worst blow-dry combover that camouflages a proven business prodigy now hidden in a self-generated fog of schoolyard posturing. 2. A smug heir apparent with a high-level track record, […]

Steve Hansen: Yard sale issue should be settled by the people

Federal overreach occurs when the federal government tries to regulate areas that should be controlled by state and local governments. These days, however, people tend to think of even local ordinances that they disagree with as part of a Big Government conspiracy to control our lives. They feel that even on a local issue they […]

Steve Hansen:Hiroshima observance brings insight

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I was born about four years after the bombing of Hiroshima marked the start of the nuclear age. The bombing was a ghastly horror, shocking even the flight crew that dropped the weapon, but it shortened the war. Like most people, I have spent my life in its […]