Songs from old hymnal get better with time

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I have a ragged songbook in the bookshelf next to my computer at home that has a first copyright three years before I was born. Anything between my birth date and the days Christ walked the Earth is pretty old, and we’ll just leave it at “this is a pretty […]

Yard work an exercise in futility; should I rent a cow?

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor For a guy who hates yard work, I always seem to end up with the biggest yard in the block, and by the time I’m done trying, dreading, then giving up on yard work, my yard becomes a monument to failed intentions. Currently my lawn is threadbare, but the […]

Lynn Moncus was hard but believed in her students

By Anne E. Foland Roseburg, Oregon (Editor’s note: Lynn Moncus, 79, a beloved former teacher and Quay County historian, died June 23.) I recently learned of the passing of Lynn Moncus and wished to express my condolences to the residents of Quay County.  I know she was beloved and she will be missed. I met […]

The ‘tail’ of two kitties and the adventures to come

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist Well,  I’ve got two new additions to my household, two male cats named Toby and Brownie. I named the first cat Toby because my mom asked me to name him Toby, only now she says it was more like a suggestion than a request. Toby is part Siamese and, as […]

Tucumcari and Barstow, Calif., are similar yet different

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I don’t think I’ve seen a normal rainfall year in Tucumcari until this summer. I’ve seen a few downpours, hailstorms and just enough snow to remind me I don’t live in Southern California any more.  Yes, California was warmer, but in Tucumcari I can breathe.  In California we didn’t […]

Sharing stories and honoring the woman who voiced the canyons

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist It has been three weeks but I wanted to share some of what I heard while attending the funeral of Lynn Moncus and my thoughts and experiences in getting to know her. Family and friends gathered on June 27 at Dunn’s Memorial Chapel in Tucumcari to pay their final respects […]

Letter to the Editor

By Leon Logan Letter to the Editor   Conservative math problems Lately the Republicans have been irate about some missing emails from Lois Lerner’s computer at the IRS. The only thing they have uncovered for Fox News is that IRS’ backup system is about par with most systems in government due to lack of funds. The conservatives […]

Still not able to get a ‘kick’ out of soccer

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I’ll never forget the day our high school PE student teacher told us we were going to spend the next week playing football.  We questioned if it would be touch or flag. He replied “No, no , you don’t understand, we’re going to play futbol — you know, soccer.” The […]

Moncus’ dad got his man through ‘storybook sleuthing

By David Stevens CMI Editor Last week’s passing of eastern New Mexico historian Lynn Moncus brings to mind one of our region’s more notorious homicide investigations. The “matchbook murder” case began in the fall of 1951, when authorities claimed an Army deserter from Brooklyn, New York, killed an Ohio steel worker, shooting him five times […]

Letting my dad get some shade

Revelations in a cemetery can be a bit ticklish if not embarrassing. I’m not referring to the Book of Revelations. That chapter can be quite appropriate at a funeral. Suddenly learning your loved one is on the opposite side of the headstone from where you assumed they were for the last 25 years is a […]