View Point— March 11: Measure to end clock switching welcome change

We may never get back that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend to usher in daylight saving time if a bill making its way through the New Mexico legislative process is approved. It will be a small sacrifice, however, if it means we don’t have to flip-flop our clocks twice a year for […]

View Point: Time-wasting bills crop up regularly

In every legislative session you can count on two kinds of time-wasting bills — those that make things illegal that are already crimes and those that address legislators’ personal pet peeves. There are at least two examples of the first kind of bill before the New Mexico Legislature. One would make child prostitution a felony, […]

Legislature tackles workers’ comp issues

Kevin McGinley

By Kevin McGinley Guest Columnist This could be the year New Mexico updates our workers’ compensation system, resolving long-standing controversies and supporting efforts to strengthen our economy. A few critical bills are moving in the legislature, and eastern New Mexico-area legislators are taking the lead. All three bills have been endorsed by the Workers’ Compensation […]

Reading unearths classic writing guide

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor One of the benefits of our recent dismal weather is more time to read, and I have rediscovered a little book that used to be, and I hope still is, indispensable to writers of any kind. It’s called “The Elements of Style,” and it fits in your pocket. I […]

Viewpoint: Roch’s bill would protest federal overreach

Federal overreach hurts everyone. The Edward Snowden affair showed us how far government has gone in gathering information on all of us, endangering privacy. Because of misguided federal “No Child Left Behind” policies, teachers  teach tests, and children are learning only how to pick from five options to black out a choice. Nowhere is federal […]

Inmate life offers lessons for all of us

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I taught adult education classes at the prison in Santa Rosa for a while before I rejoined the ranks of journalists. I know I learned at least as much as I taught about the men we place behind block walls, chain link and concertina wire. Some of the lessons […]

Make sure you get your paper from us

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher And so step No. 1 is under way. We have found someone who is stealing our newspapers out of the rack, and then delivering them to people. I do not know for sure at this point, but I guess that those receiving newspapers from this guy are probably paying him. […]

View Point: Sunshine bill would shed light on where taxes go

While we’re always ready to see more sunshine from our state government, we’re doubly glad when we can cast new light on deals that mysteriously take money out of our state, especially the money we contribute as taxpayers. A bi-partisan bill proposed to the New Mexico Legislature would require copies of each state contract, including […]

Ties have their place, but not on my neck

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I’ve always had an aversion to neckties. One of the reasons I’m glad to live in Tucumcari, besides red chile and Tucumcari Mountain cheese, is that neckties around here are about as common as Stetsons in Chicago. I’ve been at war with the necktie since the 1970s, when the […]

Love is about faith, and I have faith

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I have been asked, often because I am not the most obvious about my beliefs, on how I stand on God. My own mother has questioned my faith, how much I go to church, my practices, etc., etc. Others in the community want to know exactly how religious I am. […]