Steve Hansen: The silly season is in full swing

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The eyes of the nation, the world and the media are on Iowa and New Hampshire as we all breathlessly await the results of the first two state primaries as our Quadrennial Silly Season of national political campaigns lopes into full sprint. These happen to be the first […]

Steve Hansen: Things we do to hit the slopes

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I just returned from a family reunion of sorts, joining my four brothers and members of their families on the ski slopes of Colorado. Here are some observations from that trip: • It’s amazing how people who work very hard to make good incomes will spend huge amounts […]

Steve Hansen: Packing classic comedy, as backup

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor By the time this column runs, I hope to be challenging the Colorado Rockies on skis. I am meeting my four brothers, all of whom are skiers of varying ability, and it will be interesting to see how well we have stacked up against time and joint wear. […]

Steve Hansen: Hoping for a prosperous 2016

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I’m not making predictions or resolutions, but there are a few things I would like to see happen in 2016. It will be a presidential election year.  I’d like to see the nation elect a president who understands that campaign promises cannot be fulfilled by a single individual. […]

Thomas Garcia: There was some good that came from Goliath

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist The blizzard Goliath struck our area this past weekend, giving us a chance to witness the harshness of winter as well as the good nature of our residents. Goliath impacted several areas across the state and left so many without power — and even stranded people in their vehicles for […]

Letter to the Editor— Dec. 23

Global warming, global impact In Paris the world leaders agreed that global warming was real and presented a menace to our civilization as we know it. In scientific circles the debate ended long ago. Addressing this situation will take cooperation, lots of it, or we will fail. The cost of failure will be beyond our […]

Steve Hansen: If curious about Santa, ask a child

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor How does Santa do it? Here’s this guy who was born old and overweight, oversees a band of elves and drives a reindeer-driven sleigh.  And he’s technologically challenged — or is he? Santa is actually the greatest scientist since Einstein and there’s a rumor going around in the […]

Steve Hansen: Remembering ‘Ol’Blue Eyes’ music

Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The world is battling ISIS, the Republicans are battling Donald Trump, and Washington is playing brinksmanship with the federal budget again. Nothing new there and it’s all too negative for the holidays. So, I tell myself, why don’t I write about Frank Sinatra? His 100th birthday was celebrated last […]

Steve Hansen: Shooting hardens attitudes toward ISIS

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I commuted about 20 miles one way to a job in San Bernardino, California, for about a year. That was nine years ago, but I’m sure not much has changed. San Bernardino has long been in decline. Its government buildings are sometimes the only signs of life amid […]

Steve Hansen: Focus more on the joy of giving

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Monday was Cyber Monday. This came after Small Business Saturday, which followed Black Friday (the real one). Oh, by the way, the day before that was Thanksgiving. To watch American media, including the Internet, you would think our only thoughts between Halloween and Christmas were about merchandise, that […]