Thomas Garcia: Funding for education a necessity

By Thomas Garcia Staff Columnist In New Mexico, funding for vital programs always seems to be decreasing while the need for services associated with the programs affected by those cuts is on the rise. In New Mexico and across the nation, there is always a need for increased funding in education. Public schools, community college […]

Steve Hansen: Tucumcari wants to be a work-ready community

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Last week I discussed Quay County as a location for logistics business sites.  The county has rail and highway access and a location central to large markets in the Midwest, the West and the Southwest. One of the most important criteria in any company location or relocation decision, […]

Steve Hansen: New opportunities arise with changing of times

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I am far from being the first Tucumcari transplant to notice that the city is the meeting place for Interstate 40, which bisects the nation’s southern two-thirds, and U.S. 54, which extends 1,200 miles from western Illinois, through Missouri and Kansas, to El Paso, Texas. We also can’t […]

Steve Hansen: Even if closed, armory could still serve the community

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Tucumcari’s Army National Guard Armory, like those in Santa Clara, Socorro and Silver City, may close as the state’s National Guard realigns its operations. The state Guard’s commanders, Gen. Andrew E. Salas and Gen. Juan Griego, were in Tucumcari on Thursday to discuss the matter with local officials […]

Viewpoint: Don’t want your kids taught by a gay Boy Scouts leader, then quit

So the Boy Scouts of America have ended their ban on gay adult leaders and the nation is celebrating/gnashing teeth, depending on perspective. From The New York Times: • “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is deeply troubled by today’s vote,” said a statement issued by the church moments after the Scouts announced […]

Steve Hansen: Trump won’t be president, but could be a game-changer

By Steve Hansen   Former QCS Managing Editor An 800-pound gorilla is usually a key issue that no one wants to bring up. Then there’s Donald Trump, who has dropped into the presidential race as an 800-pound gorilla in a steroid-fueled rage — the half-ton primate Republicans can’t ignore but wish they could. We won’t […]

Steve Hansen: Must adhere to journalistic standards

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Last week, I wrote about an exchange in views on the future of newspapers that I had with M.E. Sprengelmeyer, owner, editor and publisher of the Communicator in Santa Rosa. I have since held a longer conversation with Sprengelmeyer, and I think his reasons for keeping newspapers on […]

Thomas Garcia: Good Ole’ boys never meant any harm

By Thomas Garcia QCS Senior Writer I don’t have the TV Land channel, but I do feel that its decision to pull the “Dukes of Hazzard” from its scheduled lineup is a bit much. I know it has been a few weeks since this happened but I wanted to share my thoughts on the pulling […]

Steve Hansen: Discussing the future of news

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I recently exchanged some views with M.E. Sprengelmeyer, the estimable editor, publisher and owner of the Communicator weekly in Santa Rosa, about print vs. online news products. Sprengelmeyer is a staunch believer in the paper product. I look at the newspaper industry’s current status and say maybe it’s […]

Steve Hansen: Remember, always check the facts

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor While browsing statistics compiled by the state Department of Workforce Solutions, I was astonished to see that Quay County’s per-capita income was higher than its median household income, or so I thought. So begins a cautionary tale for the coming nasty political season. The county’s median household income […]