Steve: Weather like something out of comic books

Last week, the news was dominated by a solar flare and the polar vortex. The news was beginning to resemble a story conference at DC Comics. You had unbelievably cold weather extending to unbelievable places, a weather pattern that looked ominous from space, and X-class solar events whose names sounded like secret code. As he […]

Steve: Getting left behind in the digital age

I used to consider myself tech savvy back in the days when personal computers could do about a tenth of what a cell phone can do now. In those days, PCs cost $2,000, weighed about 30 pounds and featured clunky monitors with monochrome screens that showed letters, numbers and a cursor (often that was me […]

Thomas: Thanks to everyone who shared my memories

The year is coming to a close and while I knew this day was coming I’m still shaking off the effects of the Christmas turkey coma. This year has gone by fast. And while I’m aware that time is relative and constant and it does not speed up or down in any instant, I’m sure […]

Letters to the editor — Dec. 31

Christ belongs in Christmas Recently watching the news, I was surprised and appalled on how lazy we as Christians have become when it comes to Christmas and our traditions. This is a holiday that all Christians celebrate the birth of our Savior and King of our lives. We do not say much when other religions […]

Steve: Holidays good time for musicians

Christmas is a time of year when even mid-level serious amateur musicians can find themselves overbooked. Just about all of us with any claim to musical ability can find work during the holidays. When you run yourself ragged for the season, as I have a few times, you wonder why you keep volunteering. There are […]

Letter to the editor — Dec. 18

City staff deserves recognition Regarding the Oct. 23 comment in which Dora Salinas McTigue said, “I have done more than anyone including my predecessor for my district:” The 16 years I represented City Commission District 1, commissioners worked together with the city staff, local, state, federal elected representatives, and private citizens to upgrade and replace […]

Thomas: Wondering what could have been

The past weekend was full of football controversy and upsets on both the collegiate and high school fields. Whether you follow college football or just watch a lot of ESPN’s Sports Center you’ve probably seen the highlights of the Iron Bowl between then-nationally ranked No. 1 Alabama, the Crimson Tide, and No. 4 Auburn, the […]

Thomas: Snow less enchanting with age

Unless you have been in your basement constructing a shelter for when the zombies take over, you might have noticed the white, cold snow on the ground these past few days. As a child, I thought snow was great. It gave me to opportunity to miss school and go outside and enjoy snowball fights and […]

Steve: Sometimes it’s good to be grateful for things you didn’t get

It’s time to be thankful for things you have and things you remember. But sometimes you have to stop and say thank you for things you didn’t get, remembering the old warning, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” I’m thankful that I never got rich. Being rich means managing your […]

Steve: Teachers deserve more respect than they get

I was almost a teacher. That’s why I respect teachers and think our society and culture don’t respect them enough. I stopped short of getting a license twice, and I’ve spent a lot of time in classrooms in recent years, but that doesn’t make me a teacher. Licenses don’t make teachers, anyway. Years of 60-hour […]