Turquoise pullout both sad and ironic

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Turquoise Health and Wellness’s pullout from New Mexico is sad and ironic. Turquoise, a subsidiary of Lifewell Behavioral Wellness, of Phoenix, Arizona, was one of five Arizona behavioral health firms who rushed in at the state’s invitation to fill in the gap left when funds were cut off to […]

Perceptions, stigmas are hard to shake

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher Yes, this is going to be another rant. I am not trying to appear condescending, but I realize it comes across that way sometimes. And like anything else, until you meet and get to know the person, you are basically living with your own perception. Quickly … Name the members […]

View Point: Local task force on kids’ issues pointing the way

We learned about two new reports about the state of our kids in the past couple weeks. One led us to conclude that the kids are getting smarter about drinking, drugs and unprotected sex. The other showed some progress on some disturbing trends noted in the past, but showed we still have a long way […]

View Point: Strong turnout in Sun web poll attracts attention

The response to our weekly web poll last week gave us quite a start. It produced 4,000 votes within 24 hours on the question of whether Gov. Susana Martinez should have reappointed Judge Albert Mitchell to preside over the courtrooms of the 10th Judicial District. We knew the issue had been hot, but we had […]

Steve Hansen: ‘I am Charlie’ a call to defend free speech

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I have temporarily adopted “Je suis Charlie” to replace my picture on my Facebook page that connects to the Quay County Sun. “Je suis Charlie” is French for “I am Charlie.  Adopting this logo is my feeble attempt to claim some identity with the brave cartoonists and editors at […]

Robert Arrowsmith: Take time to convey the right message

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I’m on the road from Portales to Clovis and on the radio the chorus “Why you gotta be so rude I’m gonna marry you anyway” from the song “Marry that Girl” by Magic! is playing. And I am thinking who in their right mind is going to dance to a […]

View Point: Governor made right call selecting Mitchell as judge

Gov. Susana Martinez had a difficult choice to make last week when she reappointed Albert Mitchell to the 10th Judicial District judge’s seat. We think she made the right call. Mitchell was ousted in November, receiving just 50 percent of the retention vote. He needed 57 percent to keep his job. He then applied for […]

Dennis Roch: Legislation protects NM workers

When it comes to work and what we do for a living, America is a country of choices: We have the freedom to forge our own paths and follow our passions. We can choose who we want to be and where we want to work. Yet, despite those freedoms, in New Mexico you can still […]

Robert Arrowsmith: Snow storm brings icy roads, knowledge

Oh what a fun week it has been, starting with the snowstorm of the past weekend. Before I begin I do want to thank everyone for their patience as we worked our way through the weekend. I myself had to get out in it a couple of times to get our publications out and on […]

Mistrust is earned and leads to more

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher When I am tired, the hamsters in my brain work in bursts. When I am bored, I am tired. Therefore, when I am bored, the hamsters in my brain work in bursts. This is going to be one of those bursts. When I was a kid, I always loved the […]