View Point—Proposed law would help protect rights

While New Mexico legislators wasted tax funds on pointless bickering for 60 days instead of legislating for the most part, they did pass one bill unanimously that actually enhances personal rights and liberties. That was a bill that stops police from taking a person’s property or other assets before that person has been convicted of […]

View Point—Even regents’ seats are now contentious

Even learning is political these days. Remember when members of a university’s board of regents were supposed to approve budgets, hire (and fire) university presidents and lobby lawmakers and private donors for money? Remember when the people appointed to those jobs were supposed to maybe know a little something about education, or know about managing […]

Cupola helps artists, disappoints viewers

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Peachy Keen represented new technology for the 17th Annual Mesalands Community College Iron Pour last week. Peachy Keen, a 9-foot-tall cupola, or melting furnace, came to Tucumcari with its owner Donnie Keen, from Houston. This apparatus, Keen said, can melt a small engine block in one piece and produce […]

Active tourists could influence others

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Tourism in Tucumcari has been on the minds of many these days. I attended a meeting of the tourism-minded in Tucumcari City Commission chambers Monday evening and heard many ideas on how Tucumcari can parlay its heritage and surroundings to lure more drivers off Interstate 40 and U.S. 54 […]

Robert: Arrowsmith: PARCC testing controversy is overblown

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher And so the hot topic last week was the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing that was going on in school districts. Hundreds of protests, many kids being opted out by their parents, etc., etc. Several times I heard that if you don’t pass the […]

View Point— March 11: Measure to end clock switching welcome change

We may never get back that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend to usher in daylight saving time if a bill making its way through the New Mexico legislative process is approved. It will be a small sacrifice, however, if it means we don’t have to flip-flop our clocks twice a year for […]

View Point: Time-wasting bills crop up regularly

In every legislative session you can count on two kinds of time-wasting bills — those that make things illegal that are already crimes and those that address legislators’ personal pet peeves. There are at least two examples of the first kind of bill before the New Mexico Legislature. One would make child prostitution a felony, […]

Legislature tackles workers’ comp issues

Kevin McGinley

By Kevin McGinley Guest Columnist This could be the year New Mexico updates our workers’ compensation system, resolving long-standing controversies and supporting efforts to strengthen our economy. A few critical bills are moving in the legislature, and eastern New Mexico-area legislators are taking the lead. All three bills have been endorsed by the Workers’ Compensation […]

Reading unearths classic writing guide

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor One of the benefits of our recent dismal weather is more time to read, and I have rediscovered a little book that used to be, and I hope still is, indispensable to writers of any kind. It’s called “The Elements of Style,” and it fits in your pocket. I […]

Viewpoint: Roch’s bill would protest federal overreach

Federal overreach hurts everyone. The Edward Snowden affair showed us how far government has gone in gathering information on all of us, endangering privacy. Because of misguided federal “No Child Left Behind” policies, teachers  teach tests, and children are learning only how to pick from five options to black out a choice. Nowhere is federal […]