Social media, email messages are public

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Back when I did public relations work (sleeping with the enemy to journalists), one of my favorite pieces of advice to clients who were dealing with the press was “never say anything off the record that you don’t want to read on the front page.” Now that I again […]

Two cats + loaf of bread = lesson learned

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist My two cats, Brownie and Toby, as I have said before, have found creative ways of turning regular items into toys. Their latest exploit resulted in an early morning kitchen clean-up. I was gone overnight last weekend and while I made sure I left plenty of food and water out […]

Rule by people, rule of law can collide

hansen mug

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Democracy, rule by the people, and the rule of law don’t always see eye-to-eye. In the case of Tenth District Court Judge Albert Mitchell, there seems to be some conflict between these two foundations of our civic life. “The people” often must be defined as the people who vote, […]

The good, the bad and the give-away

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher It has been a mixed bag this past week. • I wanted to buy $100 worth of donuts from a store to give to their customers as a goodwill gesture. Yes I saw down-the-road potential, but that was not what this was about directly.  Got shot down; didn’t even want […]

Tucumcari has makings for artist colony

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Because I write stuff for a living, point cameras at things, play a musical instrument and doodle, I sometimes allow myself the delusion that I’m an artist of some kind. Then I look at my immediate surroundings. I see Levi Mericle, a young guy who writes poetry that hits […]

Facebook not best choice to get word out

By Robbert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher First, let me preface this by stating this is not an attempt to try to sell any of you advertising. While I would love to have all of your business, this is not what this is meant to be about. Word-of-mouth on early returns about some of the events to […]

Caution advised in using extremes

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher For those of you who came to the open houses in each market over the past two weeks, thank you for stopping by and it was a pleasure to meet you. For those who would still like to stop by and meet me or one of the other department heads, […]

Winter increases farm work loads

By Lillian Bowe QCS Columnist Winter weather for me means sweaters and a lot of coffee, but for my father and my uncle’s cattle ranch it means more work. The last snow was less than an inch, which did not worry my father as our horses and cattle could still reach the grass below the […]

Cats make use of election remnants

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist So here we are two weeks removed from the election and those mailers that I’m sure everyone got in their mailbox during the elections have found a new use in my house. I have already talked about the havoc my two cats Brownie and Toby were causing with their jingling […]

FFA convention experiences bring back memories


By Lillian Bowe QCS Columnist Once a year, students from all over the nation, including Puerto Rico, gather to compete in agriculture-based competitions. This event is called the National FFA Convention which, for me was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Every fall, a few lucky students who qualified in events like poultry […]