Trauma of fried router fades as storms disappear

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist This week’s column is supercharged. That’s right I’m composing it on a computer that was struck by lightning. Sparks are flying from my fingertips as I write and jagged adjectives are flying across the screen like vivid thunderbolts. I don’t like thunder and lightning. My wife hates it and has […]

Nature’s little spies and how they remind me of home

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? You know, when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, you slightly turn your head to see if anyone is behind you then quickly look forward to make sure no one is walking up on you? […]

Honor those who have fought for freedom

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I am a blessed and fortunate American. More than 1.3 million Americans have died in war to preserve my life, liberty and happiness. Yet I have not had to experience the loss of a close loved one due to war. Not having served in the Armed Forces myself I struggle […]

Having no “fowl” feelings against the birds

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist People who read this column think I’m a bird hater. I’ve got letters to prove it. I’ve written with my tongue plastered firmly in cheek about my travails with swallows that netted me a hand-written note from a very nice local lady extolling the virtues of the little critters and […]

California Chrome just might beat the odds for Triple Crown

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist We may witness history in three weeks. There has not been a Triple Crown winner in United States thoroughbred horse racing since 1978, when Affirmed became the 11th horse to lay claim to that prestigious title. While some might not share my excitement, I believe winning the Triple Crown just […]

There is still life under the big top

By Karl Terry Fomer QCS Managing Editor The sharp blast of a whistle immediately silenced the tent and the barking ringmaster directed attention to the ring in the center. The circus was in town! Traditional circuses are quickly going the way of the rotary desk phone and the Do Do bird. Touring circuses packing their […]

Lynn Moncus appreciated as an icon and a friend


Jerrene Bradley   This has to be one of the hardest things I have been asked to do,  but then again I am honored to talk about Lynn Moncus because she has been a part of my life since even before I was born. Lynn was one of my mother’s school teachers and my mom […]

Fear of failure may stop many from following dreams

Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor   I saw these two questions on the same day from different sources: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”  Beyoncé. “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  Robert Schuller. I saw the first question in a brief item about Beyoncé, the singer and show […]

There is still hope: When one door closes, another opens

Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist   In all of the years that I have been working for the Quay County Sun I have had more than my share of surprises.  Last week, though, I can honestly say I was left in awe by the honesty of a stranger. It gave me a needed lift in a […]

Letter to the editor

Thankful for volunteers Dear Editor, I would like to express a very large thank you to the junior class of Tucumcari High School. These young people came out on Earth Day and fought the wind and dirt while they raked, pulled, and scraped up 70 large bags of trash from fences and lots of loose […]