Inmate life offers lessons for all of us

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I taught adult education classes at the prison in Santa Rosa for a while before I rejoined the ranks of journalists. I know I learned at least as much as I taught about the men we place behind block walls, chain link and concertina wire. Some of the lessons […]

Make sure you get your paper from us

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher And so step No. 1 is under way. We have found someone who is stealing our newspapers out of the rack, and then delivering them to people. I do not know for sure at this point, but I guess that those receiving newspapers from this guy are probably paying him. […]

View Point: Sunshine bill would shed light on where taxes go

While we’re always ready to see more sunshine from our state government, we’re doubly glad when we can cast new light on deals that mysteriously take money out of our state, especially the money we contribute as taxpayers. A bi-partisan bill proposed to the New Mexico Legislature would require copies of each state contract, including […]

Ties have their place, but not on my neck

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I’ve always had an aversion to neckties. One of the reasons I’m glad to live in Tucumcari, besides red chile and Tucumcari Mountain cheese, is that neckties around here are about as common as Stetsons in Chicago. I’ve been at war with the necktie since the 1970s, when the […]

Love is about faith, and I have faith

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I have been asked, often because I am not the most obvious about my beliefs, on how I stand on God. My own mother has questioned my faith, how much I go to church, my practices, etc., etc. Others in the community want to know exactly how religious I am. […]

Texico visitor center data misleading

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher After a meeting with Department of Tourism representatives last week, it became apparent to me that there is not really a desire to reopen the Texico visitors’ center. But I might be wrong. The Department of Tourism reported that it costs $90,000 per year to maintain the visitors’ center. It […]

Poets and newsies are among romantics

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I spent much of the weekend with incurable romantics. These are people who do things not to get rich but because they really want to or they feel compelled to for reasons that escape even themselves. They follow their hearts, even as reason urges them to do something sensible. […]

A strong constitution is good for body, country

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor It all started when my wife and I were walking our dog and one of us made a remark about how a morning walk on cold winter mornings was good for the constitution. It probably wasn’t me.  More often than not,  I am a little reluctant to put on […]

MainStreet overestimates perceived value

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher An open letter to New Mexico MainStreet: As much as I dislike saying this, you put yourself in this position. For those of you that do not know, this week the Legislature is recommending $250,000 less for the state MainStreet program; if passed, that will result in the elimination of […]

Turquoise pullout both sad and ironic

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Turquoise Health and Wellness’s pullout from New Mexico is sad and ironic. Turquoise, a subsidiary of Lifewell Behavioral Wellness, of Phoenix, Arizona, was one of five Arizona behavioral health firms who rushed in at the state’s invitation to fill in the gap left when funds were cut off to […]