Robert Arrowsmith: Volunteer shortage needs resolution

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher You hear it everywhere you go. Just about every community organization or entity that has an event is facing the same problem. The issue in question is the lack of volunteers. The question becomes: What is causing an individual to not want to volunteer? This appears to be a multi-faceted […]

Thomas Garcia: Hard to stomach the news these days

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist This may seem a bit cliché, but lately I’ve had to ask, “Can’t we all just get along?” and “Is there any good news on TV these days?” It seems every time I watch the news, browse media and social media websites and even listen to the radio, there is […]

Robert Arrowsmith: It’s television — get over it

To all of you who feel like you were duped, misled, cheated out of the $100 you spent on the fight last weekend, I have this to say: It’s television. This has been going on since the beginning of television, ever since the big scandal involving the game shows in the 1950s. If you are […]

View Point: State officials’ partisan politics are questionable

When the attorney general of the state of New Mexico is asked for a legal opinion, or to seek redress in a civil matter, or to look into prosecution of an alleged wrongdoing, you expect that office to carry out its duties irrespective of party lines. Ditto when the state auditor is doing the work […]

Good-bye isn’t easy, hope it can end with a bang

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Good-byes are never easy, and this one is no exception. For almost two years I have served as managing editor (85-percent reporter, 10-percent editor, 5-percent janitor, phone answerer, miscellaneous) for the Quay County Sun, and I’m leaving the job as of Thursday. I wish Thomas Garcia, our senior writer, […]

‘Nothing to do’ depends on perspective

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I hear it often. I hear it from multiple age groups, in several of our communities. I’m told kids cannot wait to get out of town because of it. Supposedly there is nothing to do here. Every time I hear it, my question in response is: What do you wish […]

‘Mad Men’ shows how our parents partied down

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I’ve been watching “Mad Men,” the series about the advertising crowd of the 1960s, when Madison Avenue advertising, not Wall Street banking four miles away, attracted the best and the brightest to New York City. If you are a Baby Boomer like me, you recognize “Mad Men’s” characters as […]

View Point— Free speech applies to all sides of issues

Most rules of etiquette tell us the United States flag should never be displayed upside down except as a signal of distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. According to the Supreme Court, however, punishment for violating this rule is unconstitutional as a violation of free speech, on the federal level. In […]

Robert Arrowsmith: Numbers without context say little

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I have to admit, there have been some interesting ideas recently on ways the public can conserve water, including purchasing low-flow toilets. You know me by now; I love to look at numbers and different ways to interpret them. Did you know, according to a 2010 report by the New […]

Steve Hansen: Common Core adds critical thinking to basic skills

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I recently was privileged to participate with our publisher Robert Arrowsmith and Logan Schools Superintendent Dennis Roch about the Common Core and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests. We all agreed the Common Core is a valid approach to education and that the […]