Thomas: Keep trying, even if it seems hopeless


I was making a breakfast burrito the other morning and much like the times when I make a sandwich, it didn’t come out quite as good as when one was made by someone else. I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to this situation, at least I hope I’m not the only par level […]

Middle ground needed on Ute water project

The Ute water pipeline project, some insist, is needed to sustain life across eastern New Mexico for our children and grandchildren into the next century. Opponents claim it’s too expensive and won’t help anyway when the Ogallala aquifer is depleted in the next decade or three as experts predict. It seems there’s not a lot […]

Thomas: Sometimes the irrational is stronger than the rational

It is funny to me that no matter how old we get we can still be scared sometimes by the most natural and expected of things. Last week we had another glorious downpour of rain that was accompanied by a few loud claps of thunder. I know lightning and thunder are a natural result of […]

Steve: Journalism is still a business of storytelling

Sometimes you meet or hear about someone who has a job you would kill for or would have at some point in your life. I just met someone like that. She’s a young college degree holder working with a program designed to get people to sign on with enhanced Medicaid and Health Care Exchange programs […]

West Nile still threat on High Plains

Complaints about rain are not allowed on the High Plains, but recent wet weather does present a health risk we must take seriously. Mosquitoes come with the summertime moisture and they can carry the deadly West Nile Virus. Eastern New Mexico received another harsh reminder about the virus earlier this month when the Department of […]

Letter to the editor: Austerity will only make things worse

We are constantly being bombarded by the need for cutting government spending, which is being pushed by a group referred to by a prominent economist as “Very Important People.” Their dire predictions have time and again proven to be wrong. The current fiscal situation is being used to pursue the ever-present goal of conservatives: elimination […]

All-volunteer force far superior to compulsory military service

July marks the 40th anniversary of the end of compulsory military service for young American men. The Defense Department ended the draft in 1973, creating an all-volunteer Army along with the rest of the armed forces. How has that worked? Well, the United States has strengthened its position as the world’s pre-eminent military power. Let’s […]

Getting involved in Syria fight wrong path

The next Middle East conflict, Syria, into which the United States is about to inject itself, is fraught with peril. It is difficult to justify joining this fight. At issue is President Obama’s decision to arm the rebels fighting the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. While the decision purportedly would involve small arms and, […]

Graduates, take time to ponder the long road ahead

An open letter to the class of 2013: Your day has arrived. You're taking another big step on your life's journey. You've walked across a stage, received a piece of paper with some engraved letterhead from the educational institution you've attended for what used to seem like forever. Finally that goal can be checked off. […]

Justice Department’s intrusion demands explanation

The U.S. Justice Department appears to have crossed a bright line that shields one of the cherished tenets of the nation's Constitution that the agency's top officers take an oath to protect and defend. This dangerous intrusion cannot be allowed to stand. It's been revealed that the Justice Department secretly obtained two months worth of […]