Our viewpoint: Lawmakers are bound by laws, too

Bipartisanship lives in the New Mexico House of Representatives, but this example of handholding needs to stop immediately. Speaker W. Ken Martinez, D-Grants, and Minority Leader Don Bratton, R-Hobbs, have come up with the idea that they and their legislative colleagues are exempt from the same public scrutiny as other elected officials across the state. […]

Sen. Pat Woods appreciated input

An open letter to residents of District 7: You told me what needs to be fixed and I am working on your behalf to fix them in Santa Fe. I have been told there aren't many new ideas up here, but I have to tell you, your bold ideas and vital concerns are new and […]

Government transparency: Public payroll data available

In an effort to improve government transparency throughout New Mexico, the Rio Grande Foundation has requested and published payroll data for the 35 largest cities throughout New Mexico and all 33 counties in the state. Some cities including Albuquerque and Rio Rancho post payroll information online. Bernalillo County also posts salary data on its website. […]

Salary postings latest effort to promote government transparency

New Mexico's Rio Grande Foundation, which promotes individual liberty and government transparency, has published payroll data for New Mexico cities and counties. Here's a portion of its press release announcing the data: In an effort to improve government transparency throughout New Mexico, the Rio Grande Foundation has requested and published payroll data. Said Rio Grande […]

Bar should be raised on PRC qualifications

Last November, 542,928 New Mexicans voted to have the Legislature increase the qualifications to serve on the Public Regulation Commission. In no uncertain terms, 80 percent of the voting public decided being 18 years old and felony-free wasn't enough to justify a $92K-a-year salary and determine how much New Mexicans pay for electricity or natural […]

Letter to the editor: More conservative ‘think tanks’ than liberal

Your anti-Affordable Care Act editorial (last week's Quay County Sun) credits the plan to cut health care costs to "a Washington think tank described as an idea factory for President Obama." Here are some "think tanks" funded by and exist for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo that primarily benefits the 1 percent: […]

Thanksgiving time to celebrate past, present, future

As always, when we reach this time of the year, we have much for which to be thankful. Yes, Thanksgiving is a most special holiday and very definitely our own American holiday. We may think more about the food than about the day, but most of us are very aware of how fortunate we are […]

Old friend’s humor still strong

Pat Schoonover Shockley of Liberal, Kan., called last week to do a little visiting and to catch up on some news of her hometown. She and John, her husband, graduated from THS in 1950 and have remained in contact with friends and relatives throughout the years. They have also attended many of the Rattler Reunions […]


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Editorial: DWI laws need to be enforced, not increased

What happened to Aileen Smith as she drove through New Mexico on one of the happiest journeys in a woman's life is a mind-numbing tragedy. But adding to the state's DWI laws in the name of getting tough on repeat offenders won't prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone else — unless and until […]