Moncus’ dad got his man through ‘storybook sleuthing

By David Stevens CMI Editor Last week’s passing of eastern New Mexico historian Lynn Moncus brings to mind one of our region’s more notorious homicide investigations. The “matchbook murder” case began in the fall of 1951, when authorities claimed an Army deserter from Brooklyn, New York, killed an Ohio steel worker, shooting him five times […]

Letting my dad get some shade

Revelations in a cemetery can be a bit ticklish if not embarrassing. I’m not referring to the Book of Revelations. That chapter can be quite appropriate at a funeral. Suddenly learning your loved one is on the opposite side of the headstone from where you assumed they were for the last 25 years is a […]

Guest column: Fish and Wildlife should rescind prairie chicken designation

The Fish and Wildlife Service seems confounded by the negative response to listing the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species. In designating the lesser prairie chicken as threatened, a step down from endangered but warranting specific protections, it had provided assurances that no additional federal regulations that might have an adverse impact on economic […]

Signs have been in use for a long time

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist A popular song from my youth decried the use of signs as stepping on our freedoms. “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign,” proclaimed the song by Five Man Electrical Band. They say signs have […]

Rockabilly visitors may show the way to our future

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor One of the key achievements of Rockabilly on the Route is that it increases Tucumcari’s supply of young adults for four days. They’re the ones who can tie one on and come roaring back for more the next day, shrugging off a hangover like stubbed toe. They don’t hestitate […]

Stray dog burrowing way into our hearts

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist Relief from our boring lives arrived last week in the form of a six-pound ball of canine fuzz. Miss Maggie showed up on the doorstep of my downtown office, next to a busy U.S. highway. When I spied her as I crossed the street she was doing the opposite of […]

Power outage from recent storm sparks childhood memories

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist This past weekend the county was blessed with the wonderful gift of moisture from storms that decided we all needed to get wet and that some of us needed to sit in the dark. The lights went out, not in Georgia but for parts of Quay County.  For these residents, […]

New grads should be more afraid, pursue hard learning

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Last week was the time of graduations — a time of nostalgia, optimism and encouragement, and for comparing the game of life to football. I’m not counting on addressing a graduating class now or ever, but today, I wouldn’t be talking about joy and optimism as I look at […]

Trauma of fried router fades as storms disappear

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist This week’s column is supercharged. That’s right I’m composing it on a computer that was struck by lightning. Sparks are flying from my fingertips as I write and jagged adjectives are flying across the screen like vivid thunderbolts. I don’t like thunder and lightning. My wife hates it and has […]

Nature’s little spies and how they remind me of home

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? You know, when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, you slightly turn your head to see if anyone is behind you then quickly look forward to make sure no one is walking up on you? […]