Every paper you take, we’ll be watching you

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher First of all, to the many that follow the honor system, thank you. We appreciate your business very much. But to the rest of you, I really do not get it. Newspaper racks work on an honor system. You put your coins in for the paper, and you take a […]

The deeper you dig the more advisable it is to drill

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher I’m sure everyone has seen it. The price of gas is declining and frankly declining quickly. Prices are down 20 percent nationally since June. Some forecasters are predicting gas prices will get down to the $2.75 range before winter bumps these prices back up. For most of our generations’ lives, […]

Political smear ads cause damage

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor I used to say that negative political campaign ads would stop when they stop working. Now I’m thinking that day cannot come too soon. As a staunch advocate for freedom of speech (being in the media and all), I know we can’t order a halt to them, but the […]

Quantity X size = exposure, but credibility makes sale

Robert Arrowsmith

By Robert Arrowsmith CMI Publisher As I was taking my Saturday afternoon shower, disappointingly watching what I thought was my next layer of tan rapidly go down the drain due to the fact it was dirt from mowing, it got me thinking about a couple of things. • I have to admit this took me […]

Each dog, big or small, has its own perspective

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist Some days I think my two dogs swapped bodies somewhere along the line. Let me explain that I own one dog, Ranger, who is about 80 pounds and is most likely a mix of Labrador retriever, pit bull and maybe some German shepherd, and another one, Maggie, who is 8 […]

Peanuts hold historical value for me, Portales

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist Growing up in Goober Gulch you learn things can get a little nutty, especially in the month of October when the legumes ripen. Not only did I grow up in Goober Gulch, the story goes my mother actually found me under a peanut vine. That’s a pretty incredible story since […]

Giving a gift can come back to haunt your dreams

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist Have you ever had one of those moments where you wish you hadn’t given a gift to someone? We all have those moments of regret where a gift that we have given was not a good fit, brought about problems or even resulted in injury. For myself it is sort […]

So lost, not even a human atlas could help

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist Ever been so lost even Rand McNally couldn’t find you? It happened to my favorite sister and I last weekend while trying to find our way out of Midland, Texas. Even George W. Bush eventually found his way out of Midland but I was beginning to think I was going […]

Introverts not well understood, not that they really care

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor It seems that lately, on Facebook at least, introverts like me are standing up for themselves, but  I wonder why my fellow introverts feel they have to get militant. Introverts are people who light up with stuff from their own heads.  Extraverts light up with what they get from […]

Children’s faith restored in light of generosity

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist   “Each year the great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch he thinks is the most sincere . . . I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one.” Linus van Pelt “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”   Good grief Charlie Brown, is […]