Steve Hansen: Ready for a rowdy rodeo weekend

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor To this transplanted Los Angeles suburbanite, the Eighth Annual Mesalands Fall Rodeo will look like competition in acts of insanity. Do sane people throw a rope at up to 280 pounds of panicked calf while hanging on to a half-ton of horse at full gallop? Would anyone but […]

Steve Hansen: Fired Up! lives up to namesake

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Saturday’s Fired Up! event marked the fifth anniversary of an extraordinary family oriented grass-roots effort conceived, organized and implemented within Tucumcari. I serve on Tucumcari MainStreet’s promotions committee, which organizes the event, but other committee members have done way more than I have to make this event draw […]

Steve Hansen: Efforts to train workforce necessary

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Quay County’s unemployment rate of 7.5 percent for August 2015, compared to New Mexico’s rate of 6.7 percent, is within the 6 percent to 8 percent range that both state and county have reported lately. But a little digging shows Quay County’s employment picture is far more worrisome. […]

Steve Hansen: Standardized testing disliked internationally

By Steve Hansen QCS Former Managing Editor On Labor Day, my granddaughter donned a red cardigan and a navy skirt and leotards to spend her first day as an English schoolgirl. She entered the fourth year at an English school near the Air Force base at which her dad is stationed. That’s the equivalent of […]

Steve Hansen: In praise of flip-floppers

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor F. Scott Fitzgerald famously observed, “The rich are different.” If the Super PACs to which the wealthy donate millions of dollars are any indication, they differ greatly from most of us, who find ourselves inching ever downward on the economic scale. The rich, it seems, like to pour […]

Thomas Garcia: Funding for education a necessity

By Thomas Garcia Staff Columnist In New Mexico, funding for vital programs always seems to be decreasing while the need for services associated with the programs affected by those cuts is on the rise. In New Mexico and across the nation, there is always a need for increased funding in education. Public schools, community college […]

Steve Hansen: Tucumcari wants to be a work-ready community

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Last week I discussed Quay County as a location for logistics business sites.  The county has rail and highway access and a location central to large markets in the Midwest, the West and the Southwest. One of the most important criteria in any company location or relocation decision, […]

Steve Hansen: New opportunities arise with changing of times

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor I am far from being the first Tucumcari transplant to notice that the city is the meeting place for Interstate 40, which bisects the nation’s southern two-thirds, and U.S. 54, which extends 1,200 miles from western Illinois, through Missouri and Kansas, to El Paso, Texas. We also can’t […]

Steve Hansen: Even if closed, armory could still serve the community

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Tucumcari’s Army National Guard Armory, like those in Santa Clara, Socorro and Silver City, may close as the state’s National Guard realigns its operations. The state Guard’s commanders, Gen. Andrew E. Salas and Gen. Juan Griego, were in Tucumcari on Thursday to discuss the matter with local officials […]

Viewpoint: Don’t want your kids taught by a gay Boy Scouts leader, then quit

So the Boy Scouts of America have ended their ban on gay adult leaders and the nation is celebrating/gnashing teeth, depending on perspective. From The New York Times: • “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is deeply troubled by today’s vote,” said a statement issued by the church moments after the Scouts announced […]