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6 House grads move on to next chapter


By Thomas Garcia

QCS Senior Writer


Six graduates started the next chapter of their lives Sunday at House High School.

The commencement ceremony served dual purposes honoring the three graduates of House High School and the three graduates of The Learning Center.

House Superintendent Lecil Richards welcomed the families to the celebration of the graduates' accomplishments.

"Welcome, we are glad you are here to help celebrate the hard work these six graduates have done to get here today," Richards said, adding that the graduates will bring respect in their accomplishments. He added that the six young men and women have earned this honor.

"House Schools is much more than the institution where I receive my diploma," said Jason Hughes, salutatorian.

He said in many ways, House schools saved him, leading him down a path of physical, spiritual and educational improvements. He said before coming to House Schools he had issues with discipline.

"I spent time in the principal's office and performed my share of disciplinary action," Hughes said during his speech.

Hughes said attending House schools changed his life for the better. He said joining the athletic programs, he gained self-confidence, and through the mentoring of his teachers and support of his classmates, he flourished academically.

"Because of the teachers of House schools, I can embrace who I am," Hughes said. "I want to thank my classmates for pushing me to be better and the teachers for all of the opportunities they provided for me to improve myself."

House schools isn't just a school; it is where I met my friends, where we played together, learned and grew into the people we are today, said Shaylee Moon, class valedictorian.

Moon recalled several stories of her time at House schools; one memory included ditching art class with a classmate to do math homework in the bathroom, so they wouldn't have to do it later.

"It took five minutes for the guilt and fear to kick in before we returned to art class," Moon said. "If you couldn't tell, we were real rebellious students."

Thomas Garcia

Valedictorian Shaylee Moon shares a few stories about her time at House schools with family, classmates and friends at Sunday's graduation.

Moon said she will carry memories from her time at House schools with her for the rest of her life. She said the students, teachers and staff have given her the support she needed throughout her school years.

"I hope I will become someone who you can be proud of," Moon said.

As you start the next chapter of your life, you need to remember the 80/20 rule, said Pam Richards, guest speaker.

Pam said 80 percent of the people the graduates will meet will have a positive impact on their lives and 20 percent will have a negative influence. She said in most cases a person is inclined to hang out with the 20 percent. She told the graduates to avoid these negative influences that could keep them from a successful future.

Pam said graduates need to make good sound choices, not make a rash decision they could regret later.

"(E+R) equals 'W,' an event plus your response will determine what you get," Pam said.


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