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By Thomas Garcia
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Board: Rattler Reunion a success

The group hopes to make next year's event more efficient.


August 9, 2017 | View PDF

Thomas Garcia

The class of 1987, this year's host class of the Rattler Reunion, waves and throws candy to the crowd on Saturday during the parade of classes.

While attendance was smaller than expected, organizers, locals and Tucumcari High School alumni from abroad feel this year's Rattler Reunion was successful and will continue to grow.

"The Rattler Reunion board was pleased with the turnout but the hope is the attendance will grow in the years to come," said David Hale, board president.

Hale said the board will hold a wrapup meeting to discuss this year's reunion later in the month. He said with this year under their belt and actual reunion operation experience, the board hopes to improve on next year's efficiency.

"We want people with suggestions on how to improve the reunion to contact the board," Hale said.

Hale said one reason for the decline in numbers could have been confusion over whether there was going to be a reunion. Norma Jean Crellin, who created a non-profit foundation to help run the reunion 16 years ago, stepped back from duties. Hale said a month before the event he was answering questions and calls from Alumni asking if there was going to be a reunion this year.

"We want to ensure the alumni that the Rattler Reunion is (ongoing and) will continue for years to come," Hale said. "This was a year of learning for the board. Next year's event will be better."

Deborah Moran of Andrews, Texas, said the event was a great experience and that residents and alumni have created something wonderful.

Moran, a former Tucumcari school teacher, said this was her first time attending the Rattler Reunion. She said she was told the number of alumni attending this year's reunion was lower than previous years. Despite that, she said, it could not have been a better event.

"I am truly honored to have been asked to be the grand Marshall of this year's reunion," Moran said. "Riding in the parade and spending time with such wonderful people made this reunion such a memorable event."

Morran said it is so amazing to see the different organizations and businesses take part in the events. She said she enjoyed both of the meals provided by the two entities.

"I can not believe that 30 years had passed since I graduated high school," said Donnie Garcia, Class of 1987 graduate.

Garcia's class was the host class for this year's Rattler Reunion.

Garcia said the confusion over the reunion's continuance may have the cause of so few of his 120 classmates from attending this year. He said he enjoyed seeing friends like Noah Estrada and Frank Prieto but hopes next year more of his classmates will attend the event.

"I would have to say one of the most memorable moments was seeing an old middle school yearbook," Garcia said. "We were Trojans back then, it really brought back a lot of good memories for us all."


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