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By Thomas Garcia
Staff Writer 

Tax fund considered for MainStreet costs


September 13, 2017

The Quay County Commission approved a request from the Quay County Family Health Center’s administrator to continue to act as the PMS clinic’s fiscal agent for the 2018 fiscal year.

The annual request gives the county fiscal oversight of the $92,200 in Rural Primary Health Care Act funds the facility receives, said Angela Coburn, interim administrator.

Coburn said the clinic continues to offer health services to the public, recording 438 primary care encounters in August. She said there has been a selection made for the vacant administrator position, which could be filled full time by the end of the month.

The commissioners discussed the possibility of using a tax infrastructure fund to aid in the funding of Tucumcari MainStreet’s infrastructure cost.

“If approved, a portion of the property tax would be used to help fund MainStreet’s’ infrastructure projects,” said Gail Houser, MainStreet director.

This would create a fund from taking a percentage of the property taxes collected by the county annually and setting it aside for MainStreet’s use, said Richard Primrose, county manager.

Houser said this could create a relationship between MainStreet and the county to help rehabilitate downtown Tucumcari.

The commission moved to look further into the possibility, benefits of approving a TIF with MainStreet.

Other items before the commission

• Quay County Assessor Vic Baum informed the commission that the 2017 property tax rates had been set by the Department of Finance Administration’s Property Tax Division. Baum said there was a decrease in the property tax rate but the value of the assessed land in the county had increased.

• Quay County Sheriff Russell Shafer informed the commission deputy Ben Gates will retire on Sept. 29, with three applicants being reviewed to fill the position. Shafer said he will attend an evidence custodial school with another deputy in order to be compliant with the state mandated evidence storage, disposal regulations.

• The Quay County Commission held an executive session to discuss pending or threatened litigation. No action was taken.


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