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By Rube Render

No way Hillary's getting into office


December 6, 2017

The latest Trump or former Trump associate to be indicted by independent prosecutor Robert Mueller is retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Depending on which news organization you choose to follow, Flynn’s guilty plea for lying to the FBI is either a bombshell or a nothing-burger.

Never Trumpers in both parties and the media seem to believe that Flynn’s plea will be the beginning of the end of the Donald J. Trump presidency. In point of fact, Flynn lied about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador after Trump had been elected in November of last year. For an incoming National Security Advisor to establish some sort of relationship with other countries, including Russia, is not against the law. The fact that Flynn was directed to contact the Russian ambassador by a member of the Trump inner circle after the election is not against the law either. Why he chose to lie about his conversation is not known.

Hillary Clinton supporters continue to believe that Trump will be impeached and when that happens a miracle will occur and she will somehow manage to attain the office of president of the United States. The possibility of this happening was considered by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig and he listed five developments that would have to take place for Hillary to achieve her dream.

At this time it may be prudent to review the five presumptions Lessig cited.

First, Trump would have to be found guilty of colluding directly with Russia. A number of respected prosecutors and law professors don’t believe collusion is a crime. Conspiracy is a crime. But following the supposed crime of collusion, Trump would be force to resign or be impeached.

Second, Mike Pence would become president.

Third, in a fit of guilt because he benefited from Trump’s collusion with Russia, Pence would resign prior to appointing a vice president.

Fourth, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan would become president.

Fifth, wait for it, Ryan should do the right thing and appoint Hillary as vice president. Then he should resign. Voila, we have President Hillary Clinton.

These five hypotheses will never happen.

As to the difference between collusion and conspiracy mentioned above: Collusion would be President Obama saying to a Russian official, “Tell Vladimir that this is my last election and I will have more freedom after the election.” Conspiracy would be Sen. Ted Kennedy, contacting the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and asking for his help to defeat Ronald Reagan in 1984.

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