School Lunch Menus

House Monday: Breakfast – Cold cereal, cereal bar, milk or juice; Lunch – Roast beef sandwich, chips/carrot sticks, pudding sticks, milk or juice. Tuesday: Breakfast – Cold cereal, cereal bar, milk or juice; Lunch – Turkey sandwich, lettuce/carrot sticks, fruit cup, milk or juice. Wednesday: Breakfast – Cold cereal, cereal bar, milk or juice; Lunch […]

June 18 Menus

Logan schools Monday: Breakfast – Donut, juice, milk. Lunch – Quesadillas, milk. Tuesday: Breakfast – Cereal, juice, milk. Lunch – Nachos, milk. Wednesday: Breakfast – French toast sticks, juice, milk. Lunch – Grilled cheese sandwich, milk. Thursday: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk. Lunch – Sack lunch. Logan, House and Pioneer senior senters Monday: Red […]

Menus, June 11

Logan schools Monday: Breakfast – Belgian waffle, juice, milk. Lunch – Chicken fried steak sandwich, chips, milk. Tuesday: Breakfast – Donut, juice, milk. Lunch – Corn dogs, milk. Wednesday: breakfast – Cereal, juice, milk. Lunch – Chicken nuggets, milk. Thursday: Breakfast – Biscuit and jelly, juice, milk. Lunch – Turkey sandwich, milk. Logan, House and […]

4/32 school menus

San Jon Schools Monday: Breakfast — Bagels, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch — Chili cheese fries, carrots, fruit, salad bar, milk. Tuesday: Breakfast – Hashbrowns and eggs, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch -Salsbury steak, rice with gravy, rolls, fruit, milk. Wednesday: Breakfast – Waffles, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch – Pizza, mixed veggies, fruit, salad bar, ice cream, […]

VFW offers free meals

William Thompson The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2528, located at 106 East Main Street will be serving free breakfast and dinner today and tomorrow in support of the Mother Road Rally. Mucio Lopez, quartermaster of the VFW Post, said that many VFW members and their families have donated time and money. ‘We’ve got a […]

School Menus

San Jon School Monday: No School. Tuesday: Breakfast: Waffles with fruit, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob, fruit, roll, milk. Wednesday: Breakfast: Pancakes, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch: Spaghetti with meatballs, bread sticks, fruit, salad bar, milk. Thursday: Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch: Green chili […]

Diet books may not be way

TV Hagenah My wife took me to one of those mega-bookstores the other day. You know the ones. They have the coffee bar in the back, and I noticed on my way back to the coffee counter that a lot of people are publishing diet books these days. It occurred to me that maybe I […]