2-17 Letter to the Editor

Your Jan. 13 editorial “Americans see failing economy,” is composed of conservative and libertarian talking points, half truths and outright propaganda. It states “Americans have awakened to the fact government doesn’t drive the economy and improve their lives.” Officials don’t make touchdowns but they sure improve the fairness of the game. Our government is supposed […]

12-30 Letter to the Editor

Laws regulate society Regarding your Dec. 9 editorial “Private sector holds key to more jobs:” The writer says government does not have a clue of how the economy works and its policies keeps small business from creating jobs. This ideology says markets are always right and need no controls. The article’s final paragraph reads, “reduce […]

Letter to the editor: Animal cruelty case handled well

Animal Protection of New Mexico appreciates the legal process undertaken to see that Haba, the dog that lives at Tucumcari Mayor Antonio Apodaca’s home, was represented in court following an allegation of animal cruelty that occurred on April 19. The mayor was found innocent of the charge. APNM wishes to express admiration for, and gratitude […]

New street pole banners in works

By Chris Schmaedeke, QCS Managing Editor By Chris Schmaedeke QCS managing editor A small sampling of the new street pole banners for Tucumcari were presented at the City Commission meeting on Thursday. The Chamber of Commerce and the Lodgers’ Tax Board have worked together to produce banners which were on display at City Hall. The […]

9-30 Letters to the Editor

Firing blanks on Limbaugh

A game of cowboy letter association

By Baxter Black: FNM columnist There are globally astute, politically tuned, conscientiously correct people who watch C-Span and write letters to the editor. When the letter “A” is flashed before their eyes they immediately think Ahmadinejad (president of Iran), ambassador or Al Gore. Whereas when I see the letter “A,” my mind brings up anteater, […]

Quay County official election results

Editor’s note: Plus or minus notes difference from unofficial counts to official. President and Vice President of The United StatesDemocratBarack Obama and Joe Biden — 1,547

8-23 Letter to the Editor

County’s togetherness praiseworthy The New Mexico Racing Commission will decide at 1:30 p.m. on Monday who will be awarded the last racetrack in New Mexico. I am writing to express to everyone how proud I am of our community. During the last two years, we have had complete and total cooperation from the Tucumcari City […]

Olympics just one more chance to run


By Thomas Garcia: Freedom New Mexico Editor’s note: Freedom New Mexico is doing a series of stories on Olympians with ties to eastern New Mexico. The 1968 Olympics in Mexico City was just another place to run for Rex Maddaford. “It is an amazing experience and many get taken in by the whole idea of […]

Letter to Editor: Veterans medical services could use more staff

Veterans need to tell legislators that medical services need more staff