Tucumcari awarded tree grant

QCS staff The Forestry Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department has awarded $6,000 in Forest Re-Leaf grant funding for tree planting at the Tucumcari, Recreation Center. “The importance of establishing community forestry programs in our urban areas is growing every year,” said New Mexico State Forester Arthur “Butch” Blazer in […]

Moderate control best for elm leaf beetles

By Tom Dominguez, Quay County Extension At this time of year, the extension office receives a lot of calls about elm leaf beetles.What follows are some of the basic practices that you can take to recognize, treat and manage elm leaf beetles. Just remember that you’re aiming for moderate control. It’s almost impossible to eradicate […]

She hopes to grow a scholarship


Chelle Delaney Leaf to leaf Jordyn Diaz’s cabbage is nearly 40 inches wide. And Diaz, 9, is hoping that her cabbage will turn more green. Green enough to win her a $1,000 scholarship. Her single robust cabbage, growing in her great-grandfather’s garden, started from a three-inch seedling. “We all got them at school,” Diaz said. […]

Elm leaf beetle taking bite out area elm trees

By Tom Dominguez In the recent days I have had a flood of calls asking, “Why are the elm trees in Tucumcari all dying out?” Another question overflowing the answering machine is, “What are these little yellow and black beetles in my yard and house?” Well, after much observation, collection, calling and research, I have […]