Commanding animals natural

Karl Terry My authority makes my wife jealous. To clarify, I have little or no authority over her but the fact that our dogs actually listen to me and occasionally do what I say makes her mad. They don’t usually listen to her and rarely do what she asks. The best example is making the […]

Singing church hymn all about effort

By Karl Terry: Local columnist To the youngster two rows in front of me, it sounded beautiful. To his embarrassed father, it likely sounded like a mad tomcat trapped in a sack. On a recent Sunday morning in church the little guy — probably about 2 and likely not even talking real well — joined […]

Rec Center Schedule

City Rec Center releases hoops schedule The Tucumcari Department of Recreation has released its youth basketball league schedule. All games are played at the Tucumcari Recreation Center. Tournament play begins Feb. 17. Girls Jan. 27 Pink Panthers vs. Lady Lakers 6:15 p.m. Jan. 31 Lady Lakers vs. Sparxx 5:30 p.m. Sparxx vs. Pink Panthers 7 […]

Area cattle not threatened by Mad Cow

By TV Hagenah It is Quay County Extension Agent Pete Walden’s opinion that there is nothing to fear in regard to the nation’s Mad Cow scare except the proverbial “fear itself.” “Indications are,” said Walden, “that the cow came from Canada and it ate the feed before the ban took effect.” Walden said anyone going […]

Locals say beef safe despite Mad Cow scare

By TV Hagenah As much of the world panics about a recent Mad Cow disease discovery in Washington state, the area cattle community is taking a sit-and-wait approach. “People around here know about ranching,” said Stella Watson manager of Tucumcari Ranch Supply. “They aren’t saying much of anything, they’re just watching what is happening.” Watson […]