Building it doesn’t mean they’ll come

By Leonard Lauriault It’s basketball season. A recent article from the University of Kentucky (one of my alma maters where basketball is king and football is a pastime until basketball season) compared attendance at their home basketball games with other schools. The Kentucky Wildcats’ home court is Rupp Arena, which had the largest seating capacity […]

Don’t know much ’bout geography

TV Hagenah I was just reading a study about how young people today have no concept of geography. The study done by the National Geographic and Roper polling group found that 30 percent of young people between the age of 18 and 24 could not find the Pacific Ocean on a map. Another 56 percent […]

What you don’t know about sex

TV Hagenah I was at a county commissioners’ meeting the other day and they were talking about the best way for children to learn about what we used to called, “the birds and the bees.” A couple of people at the meeting were supporters of school-based sex education and some of the others were big […]