Churches should reflect Jesus’ ownership

By Leonard Lauriault: Religion columnist I saw a piece of mail recently addressed to “(name withheld to protect the innocent), Owner/Manager, Church of Christi.” My first thought was along the lines of, “Oooh! I thought Jesus was the owner/manager of the church.” After all, he did tell Peter, “I will build my church (Matthew 16: […]

Majority ownership given up in racino plan

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun Members of the Quay County Gaming Authority agreed to give up 91 percent of its ownership to a private management firm, said Warren Frost, executive director of the authority. The authority’s members, Quay County, Tucumcari, San Jon and Logan, now would have to split 9 percent of the proceeds, […]

‘Ownership’ means taking responsibility

Freedom Newspapers The “Ownership Society” seems poised to make a comeback, just in time for the president’s second term. Some might remember the Ownership Society: It made a brief appearance during last fall’s campaign, as the president and his handlers took a half-hearted stab at what the elder George Bush once called “the vision thing,” […]