2-17 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: French toast sticks, fruit and milk. Lunch: Pizza, garden salad, ranch dressing, fruited jell-o. Monday Breakfast: Cold cereal, graham crackers, fruit and milk. Lunch: Frito pie, mexicali corn, lettuce/tomatoes, pineapple. Tuesday Breakfast: Breakfast burritos w/ salsa, fruit and milk. Lunch: Baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit and honey, green beans, apricots. […]

1-20 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, fruit, milk Lunch: Pizza, garden salad w/ ranch dressing, fruited jell-o, milk. Friday Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit, milk Lunch: Beef tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, pinto beans, mixed fruit, milk Monday Breakfast: Cereal and graham crackers, fruit, milk Lunch: Mac and cheese, green beans, biscuit, apples, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: […]

1-13 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit, milk Lunch: Cheeseburgers, French fries, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, fruited jell-o, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Peanut butter and jelly uncrustables, fruit, milk Lunch: Cheese quesadillas with salsa, Spanish rice, pinto beans, bananas, milk. Wednesday Breakfast: Egg and cheese English muffin, fruit, milk Lunch: Chicken patty, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, […]

12-2 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: French toast sticks with syrup, apples, milk Lunch: Burger, fries, lettuce tomatoes, pickles, fruit, milk Monday Breakfast: Breakfast quesadilla, orange juice, milk Lunch: Cheese quesadillas, Spanish rice, fresh broccoli spears, peaches, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Bagel cream cheese, apple, juice, milk Lunch: Chicken tetrazzini, green beans, break stick, applesauce, milk. Wednesday Breakfast: Breakfast […]

11-25 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday–Friday NO SCHOOL Monday Breakfast: Cereal, graham crackers, juice, milk Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle spears, tater-tots, applesauce, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Egg and cheese English muffin, grapes, milk Lunch: Frito pie, Mexicali corn, lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, milk. Wednesday Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, w/ salsa, orange juice, milk Lunch: Vegetable lasagna, garlic bread stick, […]

11-11 school menus

Logan Thursday Breakfast: Pop tarts, juice, milk Lunch: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, wheat hot rolls, salad, fruit, milk Monday Breakfast: Baked cheese sticks, juice, milk Lunch: Pizza, breadsticks with sauce, salad or carrots, fruit, milk Tuesday: Breakfast: Oatmeal to go, juice, milk. Lunch: Thanksgiving meal: turkey and gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans […]

School menus

TucumcariThursdayBreakfast: Cinnamon glazed French toast, apples, milkLunch: Pepperoni pizza, garden salad with ranch dressing, fruited Jell-o, milk.MondayBreakfast: Oatmeal, whole wheat toast, apricots, milkLunch: Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes, gravy, whole-wheat roll, peaches, milk.TuesdayBreakfast: Egg, cheese, English muffin, apple juice, milk.Lunch: Barbecue pork ribs, potato salad, baked beans, sliced pears, milk.WednesdayBreakfast: Breakfast burrito with salsa, orange […]

10-21 Senior menus

The following are the lunch menus for Oct. 22 – 28 the Tucumcari Senior Center. Thursday Hawaiian pork, toss salad/dressing, whole wheat bread, strawberries, vanilla pudding, milk. Friday Salmon patty, baked potato, wheat bread, hominy, spinach, chocolate pie, milk Monday Chicken sandwich, celery sticks, tater tots, cottage cheese, peaches, milk Tuesday Meatballs, wild rice, carrots/peppers, […]

9-23 School menus

House Thursday Breakfast: Yogurt, toast, jelly, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch: Hamburgers, twister fries, corn, fruit, salad bar/soup, milk. Monday: Breakfast: Pancake with syrup, ham, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch: Enchilada casserole, refried beans, Spanish rice, fruit, salad bar/soup, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: French toast sticks, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch: Pizza, applesauce cake, fruit, salad […]

School menus — Aug. 19

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, juice, milk Lunch: Pepperoni pizza, salad, diced pears, milk. Friday Breakfast: Cereal, juice, milk Lunch: Burrito, chips, orange slices, milk. Monday Breakfast: Pancake and sausage on a stick, juice, milk Lunch: Tortilla chip salad, salsa, pineapple, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Yogurt, cinnamon toast, juice, milk Lunch: Barbecue pork ribs, baked beans, […]