Shelter opened for stranded travelers


Chelle Delaney About 80 travelers found shelter Friday night at the Tucumcari Recreation Center because they couldn’t find any rooms at area motels, said American Red Cross officials. Weary travelers were tucked in kaki-colored sleeping bags, like cocoons, on the floor of the basketball court at the rec center. “We’ve been looking for a motel […]

There’s no business like snow business


By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun City, county and state officials say they are prepared for today’s changing weather and stranded motorists – if this weekend’s storm should force motorists off of I-40, again. On New Year’s weekend, 7,500 motorists and truckers sought refuge in Tucumcari when a snow storm caused the closure of I-40. […]

01-06-2007: Letters to Editor

Gym of a birthday appreciated After spending a week skiing in Colorado my husband and I along with our three children headed home to Texas. We were in search of a seafood restaurant for my son’s 16th birthday. Instead, we ended up stranded in New Mexico and were informed that the local high school gym […]

Snowbound in Tucumcari


by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun It’s back to business as usual for most residents, hoteliers and city officials. But, for three days, it seemed all traffic flowed into Tucumcari. In fact, an estimated 7,500 semi-trucks and passenger vehicles converged in Tucumcari between Friday and Sunday when access to I-40 was closed due of hazardous […]

Motorists, truckers wait for I-40 to reopen


By Quay County Sun Staff Truckers and motorists forced off of I-40 because of weather and accidents on the interstate took to the sides of the roads to park. On Sunday, stranded truckers formed a one-mile-long line along I-40 beginning at the Tucucmari Boulevard access.

Shelters opened for stranded travelers

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun Families returning from holiday vacations and snowbirds making their way south were caught without shelter on Friday night because of the snow storm and the closure of I-40. And there was more than a full house in Tucumcari Friday night as the city and some residents opened shelters and […]