1-20 School menus

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, fruit, milk Lunch: Pizza, garden salad w/ ranch dressing, fruited jell-o, milk. Friday Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit, milk Lunch: Beef tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, pinto beans, mixed fruit, milk Monday Breakfast: Cereal and graham crackers, fruit, milk Lunch: Mac and cheese, green beans, biscuit, apples, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: […]

School menus

TucumcariThursdayBreakfast: Cinnamon glazed French toast, apples, milkLunch: Pepperoni pizza, garden salad with ranch dressing, fruited Jell-o, milk.MondayBreakfast: Oatmeal, whole wheat toast, apricots, milkLunch: Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes, gravy, whole-wheat roll, peaches, milk.TuesdayBreakfast: Egg, cheese, English muffin, apple juice, milk.Lunch: Barbecue pork ribs, potato salad, baked beans, sliced pears, milk.WednesdayBreakfast: Breakfast burrito with salsa, orange […]

School menus — Aug. 19

Tucumcari Thursday Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, juice, milk Lunch: Pepperoni pizza, salad, diced pears, milk. Friday Breakfast: Cereal, juice, milk Lunch: Burrito, chips, orange slices, milk. Monday Breakfast: Pancake and sausage on a stick, juice, milk Lunch: Tortilla chip salad, salsa, pineapple, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Yogurt, cinnamon toast, juice, milk Lunch: Barbecue pork ribs, baked beans, […]

Quay County Schools Menus for May 11-14

The following are the lunch menus for May 11-14 for schools in Quay County. There is no school on Friday. House Monday Breakfast: Toast and jelly, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy hot roll, fruit, salad bar, and milk. Tuesday: Breakfast: Hot cereal, juice, and milk. Lunch: Chicken on a bun, […]

School Menus: April 13-16

The following are the lunch menus for April 13-16 for schools in Quay County. There is no school on Friday. LoganMonday Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, juice and milk.Lunch: Corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, salad or carrots, peas and carrots, fruit and milk.Tuesday Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, juice and milk.Lunch: Grilled cheese or grilled ham and […]

10-13-2007: School Menus

The following are menus for schools in Quay County. There is no school on Friday. House Monday Breakfast: Sausage/egg biscuit, cereal, juice, milk Lunch: Ravioli, roll, corn, applesauce, salad bar, soup, fruit, milk. Tuesday Breakfast: Cheese/chili quesadilla, cereal, juice, milk Lunch: Green chili cheeseburger, tater tots, green beans, salad bar, soup, fruit, milk. Wednesday Breakfast: […]

2/11 School menus

Logan Monday: Breakfast – Cinnamon biscuit, juice and milk; Lunch – Green chili slide, french fries, salad or carrots, apple crisp, milk. Tuesday: Breakfast – Muffin, juice, milk; Lunch – Fried rice, egg rolls, salad, fruit, fortune cookie, milk. Wednesday: Breakfast – Granola bar, juice, milk; Lunch – Steak fingers, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn […]