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Time for all-above approach to education

New Mexico should be in crisis mode. Our K-12 education system is certainly facing a crisis. Problems abound: recent reports highlight serious school attendance issues, the NAEP (known as the...

 By Paul Gessing    Opinion    July 5, 2023

State needs different economic direction

Once again New Mexico is at the bottom of a list. “Kids Count 2023” is compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation with distribution and media handled by New Mexico Voices for Children. While it is...

 By Paul Gessing    Opinion    May 24, 2023

529 plan expansion good news for NM

The 2023 New Mexico legislative session was generally disappointing for New Mexicans who wish to see much-needed K-12 education reform. However, it was not a total loss. In fact, one bill did pass tha...

 By Paul Gessing    Opinion    April 26, 2023

Online program not welfare; it's empowering

The state of New Mexico is unique in both its demographics and geographical features. Our vast land area, diverse topography, and sparse population have proven to be a significant barrier when it...

 By Paul Gessing    Opinion    March 15, 2023

Interest rate cap study warning to NM

Elected officials who use the power of government to “help” people often fail to account for the possible unintended consequences of their actions. Even the noblest of intentions can...


Anti-donation clause important protection

There are numerous important issues on New Mexicans’ ballots as early voting has begun. Amendment 2 has not received the same attention as Amendment 1, which relates to pre-K and early childhood...

 By Paul Gessing    Opinion    May 12, 2021

Census report should be wakeup call

The US Census Bureau recently released what can only be described as some disturbing data regarding the future of New Mexico. Notably, while the state’s population grew by just 2.8 percent over the...


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