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Texting skills could use work

I try hard to remain on the cutting edge of communication technology or at least keep the edge somewhere within my sight. However, my skills at texting are really bad.

Once when I asked a coworker about texting and how to do it faster, he replied that he thought it helped a lot if you had really long fingernails.

My fingernails are a regular length for men but I still manage to get a few texts off. Mostly I reply to text messages though because it's easier to call someone on the cell phone that I didn't think I would ever have a use for.

I've found some of the younger generation won't answer a phone call but they'll text you right back. I know young people get frustrated with me if I'm having a texting conversation with them because I'm so slow. I know this because if one is standing in the vicinity when I answer a text they start to giggle. But at least I'm trying to use their preferred method of communication.

I don't care much for people who report sick for work by text, though. I believe you should have to put your drama skills to work by getting on the phone with the boss and acting really sick.

I've got to admit I'm really into Facebook these days. I don't check it too often during the day like email because I see it primarily as a social or entertainment thing. People of my parents' generation went to the coffee shop to socialize, swap stories and find out what's happening around town and around the country. These days lots of folks are doing the same thing on Facebook without the caffeine boost.

Social media, just like the coffee shop has all kinds, involved for all type of reasons. Some drop in just to eavesdrop. Others are there to share jokes and joshing while still others want to gossip. Some are pretty easy to tolerate and others will cause you to be satisfied with a half-cup.

I actually do learn a few worthwhile things on Facebook, mostly events related. What I haven't been prepared for with social networking is finding out really important life situations first on this venue.

In the last week I first learned on Facebook that an aunt living in another state had suffered a stroke, even before my mother learned about her sister's medical emergency. Then a day or two later I picked up the iPad and had a notification through Facebook that a friend had died.

I will admit that electronic messages had become the primary method for communication with both of these families so I shouldn't be surprised that's the way I'll hear from them. It's probably better than waiting for a letter to arrive across the miles but I'm still feeling a little hollow about it all.

Karl Terry, a former publisher of the Quay County Sun, writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:

[email protected]