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Life in small town most rewarding


May 8, 2012

Some people think that life in a small town or in a rural area is rather dull. Well, those people should try to live this live life to learn that it is anything but dull. Instead it is most rewarding! We have but to look outside or answer the phone to have many lively and unique experiences.

Last week, for instance, when I walked into KIX on 66 and was seated for morning coffee, I looked up to see a young man approaching the table. As most of you know if you are in my age group, you may have a hard time remembering names even though we usually remember faces. As the fellow approached, I knew I had seen him before but had no clue as to who he was. Fortunately, just as he stopped beside me, I as able to look him in the eye and say he was from Canada. He said he was and that he had been waiting for a while to see me.

Some years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of bicyclists who were riding along Route 66. They wanted to hear a little about the history of the area, and I was privileged to tell them a story or two. A young woman sat beside me throughout the evening and asked many questions about our town and countryside. Sometime later, she wrote a beautiful letter and sent a nice contribution to the Historical Museum. She continued to write and send such contributions.

Later, she and her husband came through town on another trip and took the time to meet me for a meal at KIX. They have remained in touch. Unfortunately, I fell behind in the letter-writing business, and they became concerned about what had happened. The young woman had just gone through town on another bicycle trip from California to Amarillo, and the man had driven down from Canada to meet her so they could return to Canada in the family car. He remained behind to check on me and learned from the girls at KIX that I would be there around 10,00. He expressed his amusement at the ease with which he could find me. As usual, he had more questions about our area and then described some of their bicycle trips throughout the world.

We would never have met in a large city, but if we had, no one would have a clue as to my identity or my time of arrival at a particular place. Only in such places as ours do we have a chance to meet individuals and to be individuals. To the outsider, we may appear to be starved for civilization, but to us, we are over eating almost every day as we meet and greet friends of a life time or new friends from other states or countries. Life is never dull for those of us who enjoy life. Let's just keep living, "in a house by the side of a road And be a friend to man." (Foss)

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.


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