Graduation frightening, exciting


May 22, 2012

This is a special time for the graduating seniors in our town and county. It is both a happy and a frightening time, one filled with decisions and much planning. For some of us in this over-the-hill group, it was and remains one of the major highlights of our lives. One minute, we were high school students, and the next, we were entering the adult world.

Although I had the opportunities to go through several commencement exercises, that one from THS was the most exciting and most emotional. I was not eager to graduate because I had so loved the high school years; thus, I was in one of those emotional states that attack teenagers rather regularly I knew I had to make the break, but I wasn't interested in getting out of school, leaving home, or changing anything about my life. Why ruin a perfectly wonderful life by changing it?

Let's hope that most of our young people today have enjoyed their high school years as much as we did and that they are also a little sad to be leaving the safe life in which they have been surrounded by family and friends. We can reassure them that despite those feelings, life will be good and they can enjoy each day if they so desire. Yes, they will meet a few difficulties, but they will surmount those and carry on the traditions they developed during their high school years.

Even though some of these young people have smiled at the idea of their returning to high school reunions, we can tell them to wait a few years to feel the yearning to return to the friends and surroundings they knew as teenagers. They may even find that some of their negative attitudes toward that high school education will change and become quite affirmative. They may have a few warm thoughts about teachers they were not so fond of during the high school years. They may also greet some of their least admired classmates as if they had been close friends. They may recall some of their least liked classes and realize how much they have helped them along the way.

As we watch these excited young people, we recall our own feelings and want to wish each of them good luck. We can but hope they will look back on these years as among the happiest of their lives and that they will return to these schools to celebrate their appreciation as the years pass. You young ones have put one foot in the stirrup on your way to success; now, just reach for the saddle horn, swing into the saddle, and have a great life!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.


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