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Press release: Xcel asks customers curb electricity use


July 31, 2012

AMARILLO, Texas – Xcel Energy is asking electricity customers in its Texas

and New Mexico service territory to conserve energy because of expected high electricity

demand and an unplanned generation outage.

Extremely high electricity demand across a wide region has tightened power supplies, and

a major Xcel Energy generating unit is down for unplanned repairs until later this evening.

The utility company urges consumers to limit their power use through 7 p.m. in order to reduce the strain on the power grid. Xcel Energy should produce enough power to meet demand today, but it is possible that reserve margins could tighten as air conditioning load rises in the afternoon hours.

Customers can help prevent power emergencies by:

  • Turning off unneeded lights, computers and appliances.
  • Setting the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher at home.
  • Turning up the thermostat to 85 degrees before leaving home.
  • Using major appliances and equipment after 7 p.m., when power demand is lower.

"We take our responsibility to supply energy to our customers very seriously, and we will declare an Energy Alert only after exhausting all other options," said Riley Hill, president and CEO of Southwestern Public Service Company, an Xcel Energy company.

"Our customers have helped us through similar situations in the past, and we look to them today to help us maintain the integrity of their electricity system. Turning off all lights and appliances that are not essential to health and safety will help us meet everyone's energy needs without service interruptions. We at Xcel Energy – and your friends and neighbors –

thank you."


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