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Q&A: Superintendent stresses college readiness


July 31, 2012

Colin Taylor is the new superintendant of the San Jon Public School system for the upcoming school year. He replaces Gary Salazar, who retired.


What was your previos job, and what position did you hold?

A: I was the high school pricipal at Valencia

What drew you to the San Jon schools?

I was happy where I was at, but when I came to San Jon it seemed like the place for me to be.

What programs do you want to continue or improve upon at the school?

San Jon has a rating of a C across the board (on standardizedtests). I want to make sure all students are ready for college, even if they aren't going. I want to bring all the kids up to speed, bring the scores up and have an ACT prep course for them so they wil be ready for the tests and will be able to pass them.

How do you plan to improve the schools grades through the states new A-F grading system?

Intervention. I want to help those students who are lacking and give them a boost and enrich those who are doing well so they are prepared for their future.

Have you spent time with the staff and teachers at San Jon school to better learn the daily runnings?

I came to San Jon in February to sign my contract and was back in April for only three days. I started on July 1, so I haven't had a chance as of yet but we will be having an in-service work session on next Monday and Tuesday where I will be able to sit down with all the staff.


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