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Comments from the Canyons: Meeting former students, classmates touching

Thanks to the Rattler Alumni Board of Directors and the many people who helped them, we had one more great Rattler Reunion! Seeing so many classmates, friends, and former students was a major thrill for this aging Rattler Alumna and former teacher.

Our great class of 1952 celebrated our 60th anniversary of graduation as 14 of us gathered to reminisce about our wonderful years in the Tucumcari Public Schools. As we talked, we had a bit of a problem counting to 60 and realizing we had been out of school for that many years. The love and warmth among classmates is very special and just seems to grow as we go through the years.

Former students always touch this teacher very deeply and bring back many fond memories of their times in class. The Class of 1962 really caused a sentimental journey into the past as they greeted me so very warmly They represent the beginning of my teaching career in Tucumcari as well as the end of it. Of course, they were in junior high when I began teaching here and were seniors when I decided to move to Las Cruces. We had grown to know each other quite well during all those years. Some of them had to suffer through my classes several times during the years, but most of them didn't seem to hold that against me. The love and warmth between a teacher and her students is indescribable, but it is most definitely there.

I hadn't seen some of those students in the 50 years since their graduation, but we knew each other after a little staring and talking. They really overwhelmed me with their comments about our time together and recalled many events I had forgotten. We were still able to laugh as we had in those long ago years and at least one of us had just as much fun as I did in those classes.

Dividing time among classmates, friends, and students is a bit difficult, but it is necessary in order to see as many people as possible. Wherever we turned during the weekend, we saw people we had known for many years and some we had met fairly recently The experience brought back memories of our Saturday afternoons on Main Street during which we would meet and greet people we saw everyday or even rarely. Our town was most definitely alive again.

This year's reunion is now history, and we are already making plans to see each other again next year during the first weekend in August. Actually, we need the year to do a bit of resting and preparing for another gathering. Until then, "Hail to the Rattlers."

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.

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