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Action group formed


September 4, 2012

A new countywide group is working to bring progressive change to the area through involvement in multiple agencies projects and events.

Quay County Action Group, which consists of local residents, is making an effort to better inform the public of the powerful and positive steps our community leaders and citizens have been and will be making to improve the quality of life in Quay County, said Ellen White, secretary.

White said the group works to promote the progressive strides made by local entities and residents. She said one of these strides includes the vintage paintings of the old gas stations along Route 66.

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Depot: The Tucumcari Depot is now the home for the Tucumcari MainStreet office. The Quay County Action Group believes having MainStreet at the depot helps MainStreet provide better service while enhancing the depot for tourism endeavors.

White said the group is a combined effort of the Quay County/Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce and Bob Beaulieu to spruce up the faded stations that are the backdrop for much of our stretch of Route 66.

White said another positive step towards promoting the community to tourist is the Tucumcari MainStreet program has officially moved their office to the Tucumcari Train Depot.

"This will give us a presence at the Depot, which has been one of MainStreet prize projects for several years," said Mark Lake, director MainStreet program.

Lake said having the office located at the depot will allow the facility to be open for residents and tourists to stop and enjoy.

White said the depot has already been used for community events such as the state's centennial celebration/Fired Up. She said there are plans currently in the works for the next Fired Up event which will be held on Sept. 29 at the depot.

White said the group commends the City of Tucumcari continued efforts to improve the lighting at the exits off of Interstate 40 coming into Tucumcari. She said tourists can easily find affordable hotels and restaurants with the increased lighting.

White said another new and valued service to the community is Western States Air Medical services out of Las Vegas. She said Steven and Susan Spande, owner/operators, have expanded their Air Medical to Tucumcari providing critical time saving services for those patients who need transported to larger medical facilities. The service has their helicopter/aircrafts on site in Tucumcari.

White said the group urges residents to be involved and share ideas and concerns.

For information, contact White at 461-0510.


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